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The Kratom Legalization Process In Thailand Has Completely Stalled Since March, And The Police There Are Constantly Arresting People For Kratom Possession

Kratom Thailand legalization

The Indonesian Kratom ban, which is scheduled to go into effect on New Year’s Day 2022, is a serious problem since it would cut off 95% of the United States’ Kratom supply.

One of the primary alternative plans if Indonesia bans Kratom is to have Thailand legalize Kratom and become the main global Kratom producer. Indeed, Thailand is an excellent Kratom growing region, the only problem is that Kratom has been illegal to grow in Thailand since 1943 due to the Kratom Act, which was put in place because citizens were switching from Opium to Kratom and the government wanted to control the Opium market. In 1979 the government upped the ante and made Kratom completely illegal.

There was very positive tidings from Thailand within the past year, with the Justice Minister calling to legalize Kratom, followed by the Cabinet approving the removal of Kratom from the narcotics list on March 11.

However, for this measure to become a law it would have to be introduced to and approved by either the House of Representatives or the Senate, and that has not happened. Literally, the Kratom legalization process in Thailand has completely stalled for 4 months now.

This stall is presumably due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and although it is a legitimate reason for a delay in the legislative process, it feels like the Kratom legalization effort in Thailand has totally lost its momentum. Further, the Coronavirus Pandemic is only getting worse and there’s no end in sight, and it could possibly last for years, so if the Thailand government cannot work on legalizing Kratom until the Coronavirus Pandemic is over, then Kratom might not be legalized until years from now.

Even worse, reports from The Phuket News indicates that people are being arrested all the time for Kratom possession, and that is the news for just 1 city and doesn’t include all of the Kratom related arrests in all of the other cities in Thailand.

Unfortunately, it seems the anti-Kratom status quo has returned to Thailand during the Coronavirus Pandemic, with Kratom users being treated as criminals, and the government completely pausing the legalization process.

Zooming out, there remains some hope that one day Thailand will follow through with legalizing Kratom, but there are certainly no guarantees.