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The Mainstream Media Is Once Again Trying To Create Anti-Kratom Hysteria, Regarding A Case Where Someone Overdosed On Prescription Medications/Drugs And Blamed It On Kratom

Tonight the mainstream media released yet another Kratom hit-piece, which attempts to stir hysteria and rage against Kratom while blatantly reporting misinformation. Specifically, KELO-TV, which is a CBS affiliated news station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, reported that a local man had taken Kratom and almost died from cardiac arrest.¬†The entire news story, and the associated video, is a direct attack on Kratom and makes it seem like Kratom is completely responsible for the victim’s near-death.

However, the news report about this case does mention that the reason for the overdose was the combination of Kratom with prescription medications. The news story tries to gloss past this critical point, but within this point lies the real story.

Essentially, it is already well-known that Kratom itself has never caused a death in history, and the only risk of danger from Kratom is if it is combined with other drugs.

Unfortunately, this news story does not discuss which prescription medications the victim was using, which would shed much more light on the nature of this case. However, towards the end of the story it is mentioned that the victim got in trouble with the law for his ‘ongoing drug use’, indicating that the victim is in-fact addicted to illegal drugs.

Therefore, when this Kratom hit-piece mentioned that the overdose was due to combining Kratom with prescription drugs, even that was probably not really the truth. The evidence suggests that the victim was either using addictive and dangerous prescription drugs like synthetic opioids or benzodiazepines, illegal street drugs, or both.

There have been numerous cases like this in-fact, where people have died from polydrug abuse involving Kratom. This case is no different, and no more remarkable, the only difference being that the mainstream media chose to ignore/gloss over the facts in this story in order to make Kratom look bad.

Further, this news report says Kratom has killed 100 people, without presenting any evidence, and indeed this seems to be an outright lie meant to pump up their news story.

Beyond all of this, this news story also tries to summarize the entire Kratom legalization fight as ‘the feds tried to schedule it as an illegal drug, but that has not happened’, which blatantly ignores how the DEA decided not to schedule Kratom due to the outpouring of hundreds of thousands of Americans who depend on Kratom for chronic pain, mental health, and drug addiction issues.

Ultimately, this entire news story is built around the testimony of the mother of the victim, a mother who is irate about her son’s overdose and blames it on Kratom with zero evidence.

Thus, the mainstream media is up to no good again, and trying to fuel rage and hysteria against Kratom by blatantly misreporting on this case. Unfortunately, despite the shallowness of the news story, and the blatant misinformation, this sort of news reporting will likely cause many people to become anti-Kratom. Of course there is no way to stop the mainstream media from doing things like this due to freedom of speech, but us Kratom warriors need to aggressively counteract misinformation like this when it pops up in order to mitigate the damage to Kratom’s reputation.