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10 Reasons Why You Should Take Kratom When You Need To Relax Instead Of Alcohol

Next time you need to relax, instead of choosing to use Alcohol you should use Kratom instead, and below are 10 excellent reasons why.

#1) Kratom doesn’t cause any hangover, and in-fact you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and well-rested.

#2) Kratom has never caused a death in history, whereas Alcohol kills 3 million people every year.

#3) Alcohol is literally toxic, and causes damage and mutations to cells. Sometimes this damage gets so bad it can cause cancer, and indeed Alcohol-induced Cancer kills 1,700 people every day. Also, it is well-known that Alcohol destroys the liver over time. On the other hand, Kratom is non-toxic.

#4) Alcohol causes bad decisions and sometimes even blackouts, which can lead to violence, jail, financial loss, relationship break-ups, or harm to yourself. Kratom doesn’t cause any loss of memory or decision making skills. Quite the opposite, Kratom increases focus and articulation.

#5) Kratom is actually cheaper than Alcohol. A strong and long lasting dose of Kratom, which is 10 grams, costs $1 or less. A strong and long lasting dose of Alcohol can easily cost over $100 at a bar.

#6) Just one dose of Kratom is all it takes to have a relaxing and happy evening, whereas Alcohol requires constant re-dosing.

#7) Alcohol easily leads to using other drugs, especially since Alcohol impairs decision making skills. Kratom on the other hand helps people to stay away from drugs.

#8) Chronic use of Alcohol leads to a terrible physiological addiction, Kratom on the other hand is only about as addictive as Coffee.

#9) Kratom doesn’t impair cognition, so you can take Kratom during work. On the other hand, if you drink Alcohol during work you could end up doing a bad job and getting fired.

#10) Kratom is certainly far more relaxing and euphoric than Alcohol, and these effects last almost all day. Alcohol’s relaxation and euphoria only lasts a few hours at most, and eventually transitions into a dysphoric experience due to the toxic nature of Alcohol.