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50X Kratom Extract From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report

50X Kratom

In this article I will describe the minute by minute experience when taking 50X Kratom Extract from Amazing Botanicals. This extract is unique since it has a high concentration of both 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, as opposed to almost all other Kratom extracts which contain a high concentration of Mitragynine but very little 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Therefore, this 50X Kratom Extract has the potential to have much stronger analgesic properties than most other Kratom extracts, since 7-hydroxymitragynine is the most potent analgesic alkaloid that is found in Kratom. Further, the effects of this 50X should be more ‘full spectrum’ than a typical Kratom extract.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom in over a day, nor have I eaten any food yet today, so this 50X should work to its full potential.

T + 0 I open up the bottle and it contains an abundance of crystals, literally this extract is so concentrated that it seems the alkaloids have crystallized. Also, it has a very pleasant smell.

I weigh out 3.6 grams of the 50X powder, which is equivalent to a dose of over 10 grams of Kratom, which is a very heavy dose.

I proceed to toss n’ wash with orange juice. It is much easier to take than regular Kratom powder, since it is much less bitter and much less ‘sticky’.

T + 5 Already getting the first feelings of euphoria. Also, classic Kratom warmth is beginning to surge through my body. This 50X seems to be very fast-acting.

T + 15 I had plenty of stress and fatigue this morning, but now all stress and fatigue is eliminated, and I’m feeling relaxed while simultaneously energetic.

T + 42 Relaxing feelings are intensifying. I definitely need to eat though.

T + 57 Kratom effects continue to intensify especially after eating some food. Food often seems to help accelerate the effects of Kratom, likely since food kickstarts the digestion process.

T + 85 I’m beginning to transition into a sedated state, but simultaneously very relaxed and euphoric, similar to very strong Red Vein Kratom.

T + 110 I am feeling very serene, almost a dream-like state of sorts, but also focused and motivated.

T + 120 Sedating and euphoric effects are suddenly and rapidly increasing.

T + 210 I laid down for awhile, and was enveloped by extremely powerful analgesia. I woke up feeling extremely well-rested, as if I slept for an entire night. This is a phenomena that happens to me only during the strongest Kratom experiences.

T + 230 I continue to be very mellow and relaxed with slight sedation. This is very long-lasting for a Kratom extract.

After that I continued to have a very chill feeling for the rest of the day. Overall, 50X Kratom Extract from Amazing Botanicals if fast-acting, long lasting, and provides powerful analgesic, euphoric, and relaxing effects. Simultaneously, this extract is very convenient since just one teaspoon equals a heavy dose. All things considered, I highly recommend this extract, since it has better effects than most other Kratom extracts.