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A Collection Of 20 Real-Life Stories About How Kratom Has Helped People To Overcome Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is considered perhaps the most severe addiction, and countless lives have been destroyed and lost due to Heroin. Further, the medical establishment is absolutely dumbfounded on how to treat patients with Heroin addiction, and indeed the solutions which exist, such as rehab and synthetic opioid ‘maintenance’ drugs like Buprenorphine and Methadone, are so ineffective that most patients end up relapsing no matter how many treatments they receive.

That being said, there is hope since Kratom intrinsically has the potential to end Heroin addiction. Kratom has been scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for opioid dependence, via reducing or eliminating symptoms of opioid withdrawal, providing mood lifting and pain killing properties which helps to prevent relapses, and simultaneously Kratom is very safe and has little addiction potential and no overdose risk.

The science which shows that Kratom can cure Heroin addiction is powerful, but the real-life stories below are even more powerful than the science, and these stories remove any doubt Kratom can be used to overcome Heroin addiction, no matter how severe the addiction is.

Us Kratom Warriors need to spread the message that Kratom can end Heroin addiction as far and wide as we can, since this knowledge can save countless lives, and even possibly end the Heroin epidemic once and for all.

  1. Real-Life Story #1: Kratom helped me overcome a heroin addiction, homelessness, and jail. I am now attending school full time, work, and have reconciled with my family. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this simple plant, taking it away would be a disservice to our rights and our country. Please consider how many peo- ple this plant has helped, thanks for your time.
  3. Real-Life Story #2: I was prescribed Vicodin’s at the age of 14 and like so many others I became addicted. My addiction completely consumed my life for many years, close to 20 years. Over the years it escalated to OxyContin, and eventually to heroin. Over the years I tried everything, rehab, NA, methadone, suboxone, etc etc. And then one night I read of this all natural, organic leaf called kratom and after plenty of research I decided to give it a try. It worked! I’ve been clean/sober for years now, I’m the family man I always knew I could be, my work ethic is amazing, and I’m a productive member of society. Kratom has saved my life as well as thousands of others with all types of ailments. Please don’t take away this miracle plant. 100% organic kratom has NEVER hurt anyone, for the sake of public health, keep it legal! We the people beg of you!
  5. Real-Life Story #3: This plant has saved my life. Thanks to this plant I have recovered from a 10 year heroin addiction. I’m an coming up on 2 years clean this April 20th. This is the longest I’ve ever stayed clean in the past 10 years. It has helped me gain control of my life back. This plant is harmless. It is not addictive. I only use it on occasion but when I do it helps in the most profound ways. It this plant is made illegal it will cause more harm than good.
  7. Real-Life Story #4: I have been in remission from heroin/ pain pills for 5 years and 9 month. Two and a half years ago I started having really bad pain in my neck, shoulders and arms. I knew how dangerous it would be to turn to pain meds again and once the tylenol and ibuprofen stopped working, and the pain got worse; I started researching natural pain remedies. I tried a bunch before I found Kratom and now, I am able to work and have some quality of my life back. Please protect kratom for people like me and the million others who need it.
  9. Real-Life Story #5: Hello My name is Jamie and I’m a person who is in long term recovery. What that means to me is that I have not found it necessary to use any illegal drugs or alcohol since June 20 2017. My journey through recovery has been a blessing and a hope shot to many others. Part of my foundation in which I treat my recovery each and every single day is through the wonderful leaf of kratom. In high school I was a well rounded athlete. I played mainly football and baseball. During my stent of high school I had sustained an injury to my shoulder. I was then prescribed pain pills to help deal with the chronic pain. My use of these pills eventually lead me to the dark world in which heroin was involved. Ten years of my life were hard and very intoxicating. Kratom changed all that. And I believe it has helped millions of people battle this hard disease of addiction. I just ask to please keep an open mind and realize this wonderful leaf is helping many people like myself live a healthy and manhandle life. Today I have a full time job, I pay my bills and I have a relationship with a God of my understanding. Everyone has their story and their own journey. I just know kratom has been a big contributing factor to the man I am today. Thank you for letting me share my testimony.
  11. Real-Life Story #6: My kratom testimony is as follows. I have been using kratom for over two years for various health conditions . As well as grief associated with the passing of my grandmother. I use it for chronic pain instead of highly addictive pain killers that were once prescribed to me. I was also addicted to heroin and methamphetamine both of which i have not used in two years since i discovered kratom. I use it to help with anxiety and depression associated with ptsd. Brought on by being involved in a road rage incident that was not my fault. I think a kratom consumer protection act could seriously help bring this state out of the grips of an addiction epidemic. Thank you for taking the time to read my kratom testimony
  13. Real-Life Story #7: Kratom has saved me & I’m pretty sure I would be in legal trouble without it. If I don’t have it I have to take pain pills for my pain. Then when pills are gone I do heroin. I have legit pain & trauma to my body. Kratom is a God send. I could go on and on but to sum it up, it is really good for society and people like me, and there are many people like me.
  15. Real-Life Story #8: Kratom saved my life from me being dependent on pills daily. Kratom and my mmj help me daily due to headaches from two traumatic brain injuries and back aches also due to accidents. I used to be addicted to prescription opioids, alcohol and heroin. I used to be out of control. Now with God’s help and this natural plant given to us by God I don’t use any of my addictions anymore and I have regained control. I am now able to be a help in the world during this pandemic. I have a fifteen year old daughter that I must provide for and I truly don’t get much help from anywhere since I don’t qualify for anything. Please help keep kratom accessible to me and so many others so we can survive on this straight path that works for us because without kratom all addicts will reach the end of the line and it matters to us all to stay alive and not be miserable or suicidal.
  17. Real-Life Story #9: I’m a recovering meth and heroin addict and I was going to the methadone clinic. I take kratom and it helps me not go back to that life. October 6th made 3 years I have been clean and I don’t think. I would have made it this long without kratom. Since I’ve been taking kratom my career has flourished and I’ve held my position for 3 years as of February 16th. The benefits of taking kratom for me I believe have helped save my life, I don’t know if I could have done it without it.
  19. Real-Life Story #10: I was in a car accident when I was 18 and was prescribed norco. Eventually I was on norco AND methadone. A few years later I started buying oxycontin off the street because my prescribed pills weren’t enough. When oxycontin’s formula changed I was forced to go to heroin out of desperation. I was a heroin addict for 5 years and kratom saved my life. I can now live a functional and happy life. Please legalize it, it truly is a lifesaver.
  21. Real-Life Story #11: I was a homeless heroin addict for ten years and then with Kratom I have been sober from opiates for 3 years in June of this year. This miracle plant has helped me rebuild my life from the ground up and I am now a productive member of society again. I would be devastated if this plant were to become illegal and I’m scared that I would end up relapsing. I have now held down the same job for 3 years in November where I am a sales manager and one of the top producers of the company. I am also getting married this year and plan on starting a family. Please leave Kratom alone! This plant has helped me change my whole life and there are many others who I know personally that have recovered from a Heroin addiction with Kratom.
  23. Real-Life Story #12: As a former heroin addict, kratom has saved my life. This plant has the potential to stop the opioid pandemic. Please let it be :). It can save so many lives. Its the only thing I can take regularly for my depression and anxiety.
  25. Real-Life Story #13: I was a long time pain pill abuser then heroin then suboxone. It took decades of trying and failing before I got clean. But I started my addiction to alcohol shortly after, I was always in so much pain. I started taking kratom several months ago and I haven’t needed to drink or pop pills since. It helps my depression anxiety and my physical pain. I so wish that I had discovered kratom twenty years ago, I am certain it would have been the missing key to quitting dope.
  27. Real-Life Story #14: Hi, my name is Sean Karabekir and my life was never really the same after tearing my acl and meniscus twice between 18-20. Pain medications, Purdue Pharmaceuticals and a very aggressive pharmaceutical industry changed my life forever. Now, at 32 and 5 years sober I can look back at what a mess all of this has been. The broken families, the lost daughters and sons of America and a country where ANYTHING can successfully be lobbied. I plead with anyone that will listen to help keep Kratom legal. I’ve overdosed on heroin and oxycontin before, yet I have never overdosed on Kratom. It is a life-saving plant that helps tremendously with opiate withdrawal, cravings and low-level pain management without pills. Please do not allow the pharmaceutical to lobby against this miracle plant.
  29. Real-Life Story #15: Thank you to this wonderful and amazing herb. I’m a recovering heroin addict, used heroin for 10 years. I’ve been clean for 3 years now and I couldn’t have made it this far without Kratom in my arsenal. I hit rock bottom face first 3 years ago and kratom was the only thing to bring my hopes back up for feeling somewhat normal and happy. I wasn’t happy for my entire life hence why i started using heroin to numb out all the depression and emotional pain. Kratom gave me my life back, I’ve done the methadone and subs thing and nothing worked until i tried kratom. My whole world changed and kratom gave me that spark back in life. I’m finally happy with my life and myself and I never Thought I could be happy. Kratom has helped me so much. It truly helps with my anxiety and keeps my depression at bay. I don’t know where I would be without kratom.
  31. Real-Life Story #16: I started drinking at 10 years old to cope with anxiety and depression caused by alcoholic abusive parents childhood trauma. At 20 years old I started oxycontin, that led to Heroin. The only times in my life where I was able to stay sober where when I was in jail. 5 years ago at the age of 40 I found Kratom. I have been clean and sober everyday of the last 5 years due to Kratom. I have kept the same job and found peace with my life. it only takes 6 grams a day of this miracle plant to keep me so- ber. Kratom does not get you high, it turns off the addiction in my brain if that makes any sense.If Kratom were outlawed I know without a doubt I would relapse and slowly destroy my life until I finally commit suicide. I know this because I have been brought back to life 3 times. I have been through countless rehabs, church programs, prayed endlessly day and night to beat my addiction and nothing ever worked for more than a year. Kratom is saving 1000’s of lives everyday. To outlaw this plant would be murder in my mind.
  33. Real-Life Story #17: I was prescribed opiates after broke my foot in a car wreck. I was prescribed after the accident, after the first surgery, after the second surgery, and then when I kept having pain from nerve. I inevitably became dependent on the opiates and had to look elsewhere in order to function, where I found myself eventually using heroin. After many overdoses and seeing friends die from the drug, I went to rehab 6 times, did recovery programs. What ended up saving me is leaf called Kratom. I had also been prescribed sleeping and anxiety medications, and those are no longer needed for me either. Everyone’s story is different, but Kratom saved my life.
  35. Real-Life Story #18: After a lifelong affair with alcohol and every drug their is I ended up addicted to heroin, strangely it provided everything I chemically needed to live a normal life. Diagnosed with bipolar/manic depression in the mid 80’s I refused the lithium treatment common at the time, and over the years refused any of it’s “better” replacements. As you can imagine I wasn’t living I was surviving . Then I fractured my spine working and carefully allowed it to heal without treatment or even a visit to the hospital. Unaware I had a fracture I opened it back up 15 yrs later. Recreationally using opiates didn’t make sense to me because the effects I felt were normalizing to me, 20 yrs into a heroin addiction I was forced to kick due to an arrest, so I began to seek alternatives, that’s when I heard of this miracle leaf that helped a group of people never return to the life. Kratom had just begun it’s wave into the U.S. around 2011 or so at least in the Carolinas where I was. Not very internet savvy I didn’t know how to purchase the herb so I returned to smack, and proceeded to give myself a staff infection that soon crept into my spine, after 10 months on my back the last two on i.v. antibiotics I had now thanks to Obama care had insurance and prescriptions to percacets, gabapentin, cloraxozone, hydrocodone, and morphine. I was worse than when I was partying now, and it was legal for me. By this time kratom was in smoke shops and I fortunately lost my insurance so I tried it out of desperation and to my amazement it provided everything that all of the other meds couldn’t, pain relief, mood enhancement, with a clearer mind. I wasn’t in a fog I was navigating through with energy. Since then I haven’t returned to the drugs, I drink rarely, and I swear Kratom saved my life, possibly other life’s as well that I could’ve destroyed under the influence of my prescriptions. For me it is a miracle tree, I’ve gone without after a few years of daily use, upwards to 30 grams a day and at worst I layed around with a box of tissues and several trips to the can, not nearly as bad as coming off of hydrocodone much less heroin. If the FDA makes this illegal it would be a travesty for human kind after getting so close to being accepted. Kratom and CBD, natural is way better. Spread the Kratom Love y’all
  37. Real-Life Story #19: To whom in may concern: My name is Marc and I am a 33 year old male that resides in Maine. My experience with “Kratom” and its legality is my focus of this letter. I have had a long and treacherous battle with substance abuse. I have had multiple reoccurring bone tumors on the medial side of my tibia below my knee. The diagnosis and subsequent sur- geries started at the age of 14. I have had six major surgeries on my right leg. Three of which were for tumor removal and the other three for MRSA treatment and debridement. My knee is completely damaged from the tumor destroying the top of my tibia and the MRSA completely eating away at my meniscus and cartilage. I have severe chronic and acute pain in that leg as a result of this. I am not a candidate for a knee replace- ment due to the bone being to damaged and not a stable site for the new artificial joint. I have also been in a severe car accident that lacerated my left arm, broke the fibula in my left leg, and tore the meniscus in my left knee. The treatment of these ailments came with a lot of prescribed narcotic pain medications on a regular basis from age 14 on. My tolerance to these medications started to grew astronomically over 15 years and they stopped working effectively. I eventually was buying OxyContin on the street and abusing them heavily. This eventually lead to IV heroin and cocaine use and the loss of anything of real value I had. I struggled with this crippling addiction for 18 years. I tried methadone, suboxone, vivatrol, complete abstinence and had NO significant success with any of them. Finally I found that strong 12 step recovery was what I needed and it would work temporarily but the physical pain I suffer from would become too much and I would relapse on opiates. Two years ago I found kratom and decided to try it for pain relief. It helps me with pain, it helps me sleep, curbs craving, allows me to function and participate in activities of daily living without being in extreme pain. I do not have the extreme tolerance building problems with kratom like I did with traditional opioids. The side effects are extremely minor and do not impair my judgment or ability to function. I am up at 4:30 AM every day and at the gym by 4:45 cycling for an hour. I have found the recumbent bike does not hurt my leg that bad at all. I have lost weight in a healthy fashion due to my exercise and diet change that kratom has helped me make. I am much more positive about taking care of myself and am able to be present for life. My pain hasn’t completely vanished but it is manageable due to kratom. My spiritual growth has been a big factor as well in my 12 months of sobriety along with kratom. I have found that these two things working in harmony has literally saved my life! I am a completely different person and my family has their son back. I do not want to die and the fact that this harmless plant is being targeted makes me scared for my life. Lets focus on rehabilitation and recovery methods. Lets focus on the fentanyl and other analogues specifically…NOT A NATURAL BOTANICAL! Please…lets take a step back here and look at the success stories and reanalyze things.
  39. Real-Life Story #20: I was a drug addict for 15 years. Kratom helped me quit heroin. Thats all that needs to be said.