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A Psychotic Man Broke Into Houses, Destroyed Property, And Jumped Through A 2nd Story Window; The Police Blamed The Incident On Kratom Without Any Evidence

On January 18 a man went on a rampage through the streets of Pendleton, Oregon. He broke into houses, destroyed property, ripped off his clothes, and was screaming. When officers moved in to arrest the man, he jumped through a 2nd story window and landed on the ground covered in blood, and even after sustaining those injuries it took 4 officers to finally arrest the man.

Stories like these happen from time to time, and usually the cause is bath salts/flakka, meth, or PCP, basically hard drugs that cause lots of stimulation and hallucinations simultaneously.

However, what makes this story unique is that the police officers involved blamed this incident on Kratom without any evidence.

It is a completely absurd notion that Kratom can possibly cause a violent and psychotic episode. Indeed, Kratom is generally relaxing and sedating, and any stimulation that Kratom does cause is roughly equivalent to the energy that Coffee gives.

Most importantly, Kratom certainly does not cause hallucinations, and therefore does not cause insane psychotic episodes like what just happened in Pendleton.

Notably, the police have showed zero evidence that this incident was caused by Kratom, and the officers only mention that the FDA has previously said that Kratom is addictive, dangerous, and can cause seizures and hallucinations.

Essentially, the officers involved in this case are basing their ‘investigation’ on FDA misinformation. In-fact, it is even possible that the officers are simply blaming Kratom in order to push the FDA’s agenda and to get Kratom banned.

Indeed, the officers released this statement, which alludes to a potential Kratom ban in response to this incident: “Individuals under the influence of kratom can be unpredictable and dangerous, as witnessed by this incident. Several businesses in the Pendleton area currently sell kratom.”

Zooming out, although this story is just one piece of misinformation, it is an ominous sign. It is possible that this could be the beginning of a new and more aggressive misinformation campaign against Kratom.

Indeed, Kratom ban proposals are expected in many states in the coming months, and the DEA is considering banning Kratom nationwide, and misinformation stories like this one from Pendleton are possibly being planted in order to spark public outrage against Kratom.

Thus, the misinformation campaign against Kratom is reaching new absurd heights, and this unfortunately may be the first of many Kratom misinformation stories that the mainstream media will broadcast in an attempt to get Kratom banned.