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A 'Scientific' Study Tries To Claim That Kratom Causes Seizures, Their Only Evidence Is Three Epileptic Kratom Users Who Had Seizures, Which Proves Nothing Since People With Epilepsy Are Highly Prone To Seizures Regardless

The Big Pharma anti-Kratom propaganda mill is churning at full steam. Indeed, in the last couple months there’s been a flurry of anti-Kratom papers, and practically no positive scientific papers about Kratom. This suggests that Big Pharma is working overtime to build a case to get Kratom banned.

This article investigates one of the recent anti-Kratom Big Pharma-backed scientific papers, and as you will see below, the paper is unscientific trash. Likewise, all the other anti-Kratom papers Big Pharma is publishing are unscientific trash as well.

The scientific paper in question is titled ‘Breakthrough Seizure Associated With Kratom Use in Patients With Epilepsy‘, and it is from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Heritage Valley Health System, and Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Health System, all of which are deeply tied to Big Pharma.

This paper sought to prove that Kratom causes seizures, since the FDA has long claimed that Kratom causes seizures even though there is no evidence to back that claim up.

Indeed, the paper states “Large poison center reviews have suggested that kratom use is associated with seizure. There have been limited case studies to corroborate this finding”, which basically means that there’s a rumor that Kratom causes seizures but no evidence to be found.

Ultimately, the ‘scientists’ who wrote this paper could only dig up 3 cases where Kratom users had seizures. Not only that, but all 3 of those cases were people who had pre-existing epilepsy. 

It would be absurd to blame Kratom for the seizures in those 3 cases, since people with Epilepsy are highly prone to seizures to begin with. Indeed, seizures is essentially what defines epilepsy.

However, the scientists who wrote this study assert that Kratom caused the seizures in these epileptic patients, rather than the epilepsy itself, and the scientists went on to word their study in a way which suggests that Kratom causes seizures in general.

This is a faulty way to do science. For example, if a ‘scientist’ who uses this faulty methodology wanted to prove that Kratom causes cancer, they could find a few cases of Kratom users who contracted cancer, and then publish a B.S. scientific paper.

Thus, Big Pharma is resorting to faulty science to prove that Kratom is dangerous. On a final note, although Big Pharma’s anti-Kratom efforts are absurd when closely analyzed, this still presents a serious problem, since even if these scientific papers are complete trash they can still be used to build a case to ban Kratom. Unfortunately, many peer-reviewed scientific journals are controlled by Big Pharma, so there’s no way to really stop them from posting these hollow anti-Kratom papers.

However, one thing that could be done to help combat this problem is publishing more pro-Kratom scientific papers. Therefore, the Kratom community should do everything they can to publish scientific papers about Kratom, so that the truth and real science will prevail over Big Pharma’s deception and lies.