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Alaska Kratom Ban Imminent; There Is Still Time To Stop It Before The Governor Makes It Official, But The Kratom Community Needs To Act Very Quickly

It has been a long time since a state has banned Kratom, but unfortunately a Kratom ban in Alaska is imminent and could come any day now. There is still some hope however, since the Governor has not made the Kratom ban official yet, and therefore Kratom Warriors have time to contact government officials across Alaska in order to reverse this ban.

Specifically, the Alaskan Board of Pharmacy has recommended to the Governor that Kratom’s primary alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, be declared scheduled substances. This would instantly cause Kratom to become illegal, and likewise Kratom users would be classified as criminals. This would lead to a surge in drug addiction/deaths, in addition to a massive increase in suffering from chronic pain and mental illnesses, since countless Alaskan citizens rely on Kratom for treating chronic pain, alleviating mental illnesses, and as an alternative to dangerous opioids/drugs.

This information comes from the American Kratom Association (AKA). Specifically, the AKA received the following e-mail from a member of the Alaskan Board of Pharmacy (personal information redacted): “We have had a previous presentation on Kratom from one of our committee members Dr. von Hafften. We have already voted and agreed to request the Governor to schedule two of the chemicals in Kratom: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine.”

As can be seen from the above info, the gears are well into motion for Kratom to be banned in Alaska, since the issue has been voted on by the Board of Pharmacy already. Therefore, this situation is extremely imminent, and there may be very little time to stop the Kratom ban in Alaska.

The best thing you can do to keep Kratom legal in Alaska, which in-turn will save the lives of countless Alaskans, is to contact government officials in Alaska and respectfully tell them your Kratom story and how Kratom saved your life.

Below is a list of Alaskan government officials that you can contact, starting with the Governor, since at this point it is most important to teach the truth about Kratom to the Alaskan Governor before he signs a Kratom ban into law. Right below that is contact information for the Alaskan Board of Pharmacy, who it will be helpful to teach the truth about Kratom, since they are the ones calling for the Kratom ban. Beyond that, you will find contact info for the entire Alaskan State Legislature.

Alaskan Governor Contact Page

Alaskan Board Of Pharmacy Contact Info

Alaskan State Senate Contact Page, With Quick Links To E-Mail All 20 Senators

Alaskan State House Contact Page, With Quick Links To E-Mail All 40 Representatives 

Contact The 2 United States Senators From Alaska, Lisa Murkowski & Dan Sullivan

Essentially, the best way to stop this Kratom ban is to flood the Alaskan Government with the truth about Kratom. If they see the truth, and if they see how Kratom is saving the lives of Americans and is completely safe, undoubtedly the ban will be stopped before it becomes law. Once again however, the Kratom Community needs to act very quickly, since this ban could happen any day now.