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All Donations To The American Kratom Association Will Be Doubled For Giving Tuesday, Don't Miss This Opportunity To Help Keep Kratom Legal And Save Lives

***Click Here to donate to the American Kratom Association to help keep Kratom legal and save lives,  all donations before Midnight on December 1st, which is Giving Tuesday, will be doubled***

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a big part of the reason why Kratom is still legal. Kratom is constantly under attack from the FDA and Big Pharma, and these attacks are continuously getting more fierce, but the AKA has been there battle after battle to push back these attacks and keep Kratom legal.

The fight to keep Kratom legal is very costly, since it requires a large team of experts and lawyers which fight multiple battles across the country at any given time. Therefore, it is very important to donate to the AKA, so that they can continue to have the funds they need to keep Kratom legal.

Donating to the AKA is undoubtedly a life saving effort, since Kratom is the only safe alternative to dangerous synthetic opioids and opiates for 15+ million Americans. Indeed, Kratom has saved the lives of countless Americans who have severe chronic pain, drug dependence, and mental health issues.

The good news is that on Giving Tuesday, which is December 1st, an anonymous donor has agreed to double all donations to the AKA. Simply click here to donate, and your donation will be doubled.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to help keep Kratom legal and save lives! Aside from fighting proposed Kratom bans as they pop up, which will be a serious issue this year as the political landscape shifts following the election, the AKA needs funds in order to overturn the state Kratom bans in Alabama, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Indiana. Additionally, the AKA is fighting to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) in each state, which will help protect Kratom’s long term legality, since the KCPA ensures that only safe and pure Kratom is sold to consumers.