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American Kratom Association Launches Ten Different Kratom Ads Which Showcase Kratom's Benefits And How Kratom Saves Lives, And These Ads Are Being Aired Across The Nation

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has launched a series of 10 Kratom ads, most of which can be watched in this article. Many of the ads showcase real-life stories about how Kratom has saved lives, which is the most powerful way to convey the message that Kratom is truly a miracle plant and needs to remain legal.

Notably, these ads are being aired on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, as well as a full spectrum of cable channels all across the nation.

All things considered, the AKA ad campaign is one of the greatest accomplishments in Kratom history, and will undoubtedly help to keep Kratom legal, in addition to directly saving lives via educating people with chronic pain, drug addiction, and mental health issues about Kratom.

The whole series of 10 ads can be found at this link, and also most of the ads are posted in the below article, with a brief description of each ad. Also, the ‘Kratom Saves Lives Watch Party’, where all of the ads were premiered and the AKA discussed it’s goals and plans for the future can be found at this link.

Also, you can help fund this groundbreaking effort, and help save lives, by donating to the AKA at this link or in the form below this article.

Ad #1: What is Kratom? – A concise and articulate description of what Kratom is and its benefits. This is an excellent video to use when trying to educate people about Kratom.

Ad #2: Real-life story about an Army veteran who was in chronic pain because of his service to our country. He was prescribed prescription opioids, which were ruining his life, but fortunately he found Kratom, and Kratom gave him his life back. 

Ad #3: Why do people use Kratom? This video is a concise explanation about how Americans use Kratom to manage chronic pain, mental health issues, and opioid dependence.

Ad #4: Real-life story about how Kratom saved the life of a person who had debilitating pain from a car accident

Ad #5: Real-life story about how Kratom saved the life of a person who had debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, and they ended up becoming an alcoholic. Kratom cured both their chronic pain and alcoholism.

Ad #6: Real-life story about how Kratom saved the life of a person who has chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). They had completely given up on life, but Kratom gave them their life back.

Ad #7: Real-life story about how Kratom saved the life of a person who has Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is known as ‘suicide disease’ because it is so incredibly painful. They did brain surgery, electroshocks, and opiates to try and overcome the pain. None of those things worked, but Kratom worked, and Kratom saved their life.