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Big Pharma And Anti-Kratom Elements In The Government Have Launched A Highly Coordinated And Powerful Attack To Swiftly Ban Kratom, Kratom Warriors Must Fight As Hard As They Can Right Now Or Countless Millions Of Lives Could Be Lost

After years of relative stability for the Kratom community, the forces of evil are all at once conspiring to ban Kratom. What is going on right now is nothing less than a highly coordinated and powerful attack to swiftly ban Kratom. This situation will be explained in greater details in upcoming articles on The Kratom Herald, but to briefly summarize what’s happening in bullet points:

1) For the first time in years the FDA has publicly issued a strongly anti-Kratom statement, telling the public to avoid Kratom since the FDA asserts Kratom is dangerous and deadly. The FDA says “Consumption of kratom can lead to a number of health impacts, including, among others, respiratory depression, vomiting, nervousness, weight loss and constipation. Kratom has been indicated to have both narcotic and stimulant-like effects, and withdrawal symptoms may include hostility, aggression, excessive tearing, aching of muscles and bones, and jerky limb movements… The FDA continues to warn consumers not to use any products labeled as containing kratom.”

2) In the same statement the FDA has de-facto banned Kratom, via declaring that all Kratom products are considered unapproved new dietary ingredients, and therefore any dietary supplements or dietary ingredients containing Kratom are illegal. Essentially, the FDA has just declared that any Kratom sold for human consumption is illegal.

3) Simultaneously, the U.S. Marshalls, which is essentially a militarized police force used by the Federal Government, have raided a Kratom vendor and seized 34,000 Kilos of Kratom. This is especially bad since the FDA’s ruling discussed in point #2 means that the U.S. Marshalls could theoretically raid any and all Kratom vendors God forbid, which would quickly shred the industry and severely disrupt Kratom supply, leading to supply shortages and highly elevated prices.

4) In just the past month Big Pharma has released numerous scientific studies which assert that Kratom is dangerous and deadly. Essentially, Big Pharma is building a case for Kratom to be banned, since the DEA/FDA can use the studies as justification for a Kratom ban. These studies include: “A Case of Kratom Use: Implications for Managing Addiction and Addressing Comorbidity in Overdose Survivors“, “Pressure Necrosis Requiring Fasciotomy After Kratom Overdose“, “Kratom: An Emerging Issue and Need for Regulations in the United States“, “Pharmacotherapy for Management of ‘Kratom Use Disorder’: A Systematic Literature Review With Survey of Experts“, “Transient Paralysis: A Novel Expression of Kratom Toxicity in Humans“, “Breakthrough Seizure Associated With Kratom Use in Patients With Epilepsy“, “The Addictive Potential and Challenges With Use of the “Herbal Supplement” Kratom: A Case Report and Literature Review“.

Although these studies use faulty methods and are completely unscientific, legislators and regulators will easily use these studies as justification for a Kratom ban since they are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

5) The mainstream media is releasing a flurry of anti-Kratom stories to cause a public outrage against Kratom. Recent stories include: “Kratom Dependency On The Rise“, “Kratom Dependency Grows In West Michigan“, “Mississippi deputies make Kratom bust at grocery store, two arrested“.

6) Scott Gottlieb, the former director of the FDA and current board member of Big Pharma giant Pfizer, is releasing anti-Kratom statements publicly for the first time in years. This is particularly worrisome, since Gottlieb has strong pull in the Biden administration since he was a member of the Obama administration, and he is in a very powerful position since Pfizer has extremely strong influence on the government. Indeed, Pfizer released the ‘most popular’ covid vaccine, i.e. the government pushed Pfizer’s vaccine more than anyone else since Pfizer has deep ties with the government.

There has indeed been simmering anti-Kratom sentiment and attacks for years, but nothing like what is happening now. For the reasons described above, it is clear to me that the government and Big Pharma may suddenly ban Kratom nationwide via the DEA scheduling Kratom as an illegal drug, God forbid.

Kratom warriors need to fight harder than ever to keep Kratom legal right now, since a ban can come suddenly considering what is going on. And if a ban happens, literally millions of lives will be lost long term, since the millions of Americans who depend on Kratom as an alternative to drugs, pain management, and for dealing with depression will take deadly and addictive prescription opioids/street drugs/psych meds instead.

Indeed, it is clear that it is Big Pharma’s intent to make Americans sick and addicted, since this will bring greater power and wealth for Big Pharma. By banning Kratom, Big Pharma will make the millions of Americans who use Kratom dependent on prescription drugs, and Big Pharma doesn’t care if this causes millions of deaths.

Stay tuned to The Kratom Herald for further stories on this situation, and in the meantime all Kratom warriors need to do everything they can to spread the truth about Kratom to politicians, legislators, regulators, families, friends, and strangers on the internet and street.

If we spread the truth with all of our power, we can defeat the forces of evil and save lives.