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Big Pharma Continues To Build A Case That Kratom Users Should Be Treated With Highly Addictive And Dangerous Synthetic Opioids Like Buprenorphine

Big Pharma is continuing to build a case that Kratom users should be ‘treated’ with the synthetic opioid Buprenorphine, which is over 10X stronger than Heroin and extremely addictive and dangerous.

Specifically, a new study titled ‘Management of kratom dependence with buprenorphine/naloxone in a veteran population‘ has just been released, and it describes how the George E. Whalen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City Utah is giving high doses of Buprenorphine to get veterans off of Kratom.

Literally, if a veteran who uses Kratom goes to this specific medical center, they will give that veteran an insanely addictive synthetic opioid to ‘get them off’ of Kratom.

This is absurd, counter-intuitive, and outright malicious, since Kratom has very low addiction potential, and is perhaps only as addictive as coffee, whereas Buprenorphine is even more addictive than Heroin. In-fact, based on numerous subjective reports I have read online, Buprenorphine is even harder to quit than Heroin.

Therefore, this veterans center in Utah is taking people who are not drug addicts, and getting them addicted to a powerful synthetic opioid, and they call this ‘treatment’.

Unfortunately, this is not confined to just this specific case. Across the medical industry there are increasing reports of Kratom users being ‘treated’ with the highly addictive, dangerous, and deadly synthetic opioids Buprenorphine and Methadone, and Big Pharma is pushing for this to become a common practice.

Zooming out, essentially Big Pharma has a goal of converting all Kratom users into prescription opioid junkies via using highly addictive synthetic opioids as a ‘treatment’ for Kratom users. Simultaneously, Big Pharma is trying to make it look like Kratom is addictive and dangerous by giving the same treatment drugs to Kratom users that they give to Heroin addicts.

Thus, Big Pharma is continuing their attack on Kratom, and in this case Big Pharma is trying to get as many Kratom users as possible addicted to potent synthetic opioids like Buprenorphine. The Kratom community should definitely fight against this Big Pharma plot, and Kratom users should never accept this sort of ‘treatment’ from their doctor.