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Big Pharma Wants The World To Be Sick And Addicted; Since Kratom Counteracts This Sinister Big Pharma Plan Via Curing And Saving People, Big Pharma Will Relentlessly Endeavor To Get Kratom Banned

The dark reality is that greed, corruption, and evil has overtaken Big Pharma, and the powers in control of Big Pharma have collectively decided that it is more profitable for the world to be sick and addicted rather than healthy. Here is just a brief list of Big Pharma’s transgressions which prove this:

(1) Big Pharma is constantly pushing for Kratom to be banned, via writing anti-Kratom scientific papers, filling Google search results with anti-Kratom info, lobbying the government with anti-Kratom info, outright buying politicians who will commit anti-Kratom atrocities, and fueling anti-Kratom hype in the mainstream media. Literally Kratom is a plant that has saved millions of lives and is completely safe, but since this is counteracting Big Pharma’s mission to get the world sick and addicted, Big Pharma wants Kratom to be illegal.

(2) Big Pharma unleashed, and continues to unleash, the Synthetic Opioid Pandemic which has killed millions of people and devastated millions of families.

(3) Big Pharma has unleashed Benzodiazepines upon the planet, and anyone who tells their Doctor that they have anxiety gets destroyed by this drug.

(4) Big Pharma pumps Cancer patients full of deadly chemicals and radiation rather than using any of the dozens of medicinal plants which have the potential to combat and cure Cancer.

(5) There is practically no doubt that Big Pharma synthetically created COVID-19 in a laboratory in order to make the entire world sick (whichever government(s) sponsored it is the only real question), and now they are acting like the savior as they unleash an experimental vaccine that has maimed and killed countless people.

(6) Practically every drug that Big Pharma unleashes, whether it be a simply pain reliever like Tylenol, a cholesterol reducer like Lipitor, or a diabetes medication like Metformin, causes such a vast quantity of side effects that the person taking the drug will need more and more drugs to deal with the side effects, then those drugs they are taking to deal with the side effects will have side effects and more drugs will be needed, and so on and so forth.

(7) Big Pharma has unleashed all sorts of psych meds to cure depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc., but it seems these psych meds either (A) destroy the personality of the patient (B) have tons of side effects (C) cause the exact mental illness that the drug is supposed to cure (D) land the patient in the mental hospital time and time again (E) take away the patient’s ability to function (F) all of the above, in actuality.

*There are many more examples than this. To list all of Big Pharma’s atrocities would likely require a 10,000 page book. *

To make a long, gruesome story short, Big Pharma’s goal is to make every person in the world sick and addicted, so that every person in the world will constantly have to go to the doctor and take more and more synthetic drugs, leading to exponentially more money for Big Pharma.

Also, Big Pharma has worked very hard to brainwash every person in the world to think that it is impossible to take care of your own health without a doctor, and that the only acceptable way to treat any given ailment is to take doctor prescribed drugs.

The truth is that God has created literally thousands of medicinal plants, known as ethnobotanicals, and for every ailment that exists, there is a plant which cures that ailment, whether it be pain, depression, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, etc etc.

Big Pharma will do whatever they can to hide this truth, since if this truth gets out then Big Pharma would lose all of their money. Part of this is Big Pharma’s desperate and aggressive efforts to get Kratom banned. Even though it is clear that Kratom has saved millions of people and is safe, Big Pharma would prefer to hide this truth and let people die in order to make more profits.

Thus, the fight to keep Kratom legal will not end or even subside anytime soon. In-fact, as long as Big Pharma exists, Big Pharma will be attacking Kratom as much as possible.

On a final note, Big Pharma’s war against Kratom is just a small facet of a much larger problem, as briefly explained in this article, and it is prudent for Kratom Warriors to fight against Big Pharma in every way, not just regarding Kratom, and to bring all of Big Pharma’s dastardly schemes to light.

Literally, it’s not just about keeping Kratom legal. Rather, the fate of humanity depends on Big Pharma being completely eliminated, and every day that passes while Big Pharma still exists is another day that Big Pharma dispenses unimaginable suffering and evil upon the world.