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Bliss Xtra Kratom Experience Report, Potent Combination Of Extract And Leaf

Bliss Xtra Kratom

Today I will be taking Bliss Xtra Maeng Da Kratom, and the below article describes the minute by minute experience.

Apparently Bliss Xtra is a combination of Kratom leaf powder and a Kratom extract based on the ingredients it states on the bottle. That being said, the capsules look like regular Kratom powder, so it is unclear if these really do contain Kratom extract, and if they do contain Kratom extract, there is zero info about how much extract they contain.

Notably, I am fatigued and achey this morning, cause I’ve been working at overdrive all week, so I really need some Kratom to get my day started right. I’m hoping this Bliss Xtra does the job. On the bottle it says I’ll feel it fast and I’ll feel good, which is exactly what I need.

T + 0 (12:11 pm) I start taking capsules. It says serving size is 4, although I suspect it’ll take more than that for me to get a proper dose, since serving sizes on Kratom bottles are always way less than what I need.

I take 10 capsules. I would take more, but if it does contain Kratom extract I shouldn’t take more, so I’m being cautious and will wait and see how these first 10 capsules take effect.

T + 16 My fatigue is lifting and being replaced by energy. My aches are easing away and being replaced by nice pain relief. Still not 100%, I was in a pretty bad state before the Kratom though, but now functional and awake. In-fact, euphoria even beginning to set in.

All of this being said, still not sure if this is an extract or just really good straight leaf.

T + 29 Effects are starting to become quite strong. Potent euphoria, lots of energy, and analgesia has become almost complete, i.e. all my aches and pains are almost gone.

It was good I only took 10 capsules, cause it seems there is indeed some extract mixed into this product.

T + 52 Strong and warm Kratom effects continue. Waves of warmth and analgesia actually. It’s definitely strong stuff.

After this point I had strong Kratom effects for many hours. Overall, this Bliss Xtra Maeng Da Kratom is definitely good stuff, and it successfully got rid of all of my fatigue and aches/pains. This product is unique since it has regular Kratom leaf with all 50+ alkaloids, plus it has extract, bringing on faster-acting and more potent effects. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds. Also, it’s quite convenient since much less capsules are needed than regular powder to bring on strong effects. Therefore, I give Bliss Xtra an A+.