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Blue Lotus 200X Extract Tablets Experience Report: A Potent Relaxing And Meditative Ethnobotanical

blue lotus

I plan on beginning to post experience reports for a variety of different Ethnobotanicals, since there are many miraculous plants besides Kratom on this planet, and I believe it would be helpful for Kratom users to have knowledge about the other medicinal herbs that exist.

I am starting this Ethnobotanicals experience report series with Blue Lotus 200X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals.

Blue Lotus, which has the scientific name Nymphaea Nouchali Var. Caerulea, is one of the most ancient psychoactive plants. It’s use dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where it was so highly coveted and revered that it became a foundation-stone of their religion.

The primary active alkaloids in Blue Lotus are Aporphine and Nuciferine. Aporphine is fairly well understood, since it is a dopamine agonist, meaning it induces a mood boost. However, Nuciferine is far less well understood, since it has complex interactions with the Serotonin receptors that can produce a deep meditative and mildly psychedelic state.

In any case, only one way to know for sure what exactly Blue Lotus does! Time for the experience report.

T + 0 I take just one Blue Lotus 200X Extract Tablet, which is actually an extremely powerful dose equivalent to 10,000 mg of fresh Blue Lotus.

It is important to note that I worked very hard the past few days, and I am taking this Blue Lotus just after midnight. I previously took a nap this evening, but I’m having a hard time unwinding from my work. I could use a deeply meditative experience, so I’m hoping that’s what it produces.

T + 4 I’m feeling perhaps the first indications that the Blue Lotus is taking effect. It’s a wavy feeling of relaxation.

T + 5 An unmistakable opioid analgesic warmth feeling is suddenly spreading across my arms, which is surprising. Perhaps the Blue Lotus is potentiating the Kratom that is in my system from earlier today.

T + 7 Warm analgesic effects are increasing rapidly. It’s no longer subtle in any way, and it’s definitely an effect of the Blue Lotus. Simultaneously I’m suddenly realizing how I feel very relaxed for the first time in awhile.

T + 15 I am becoming more and more relaxed, but simultaneously very focused and articulate. This is a pleasant state of being.

T + 45 Feeling very, relaxed, happy, and warm. This is definitely exceeding my expectations. Basically powerful happiness but simultaneously able to work, which is a great balance.

T + 75 Feeling increasingly sedated and deeply relaxed.

T + 110 I had to stay up to keep working, and entering a true dream-like state, halfway between reality and asleep.

After that I went to bed. One thing that was surprising is it seems Blue Lotus has powerful libido boosting properties. Also, I definitely had psychedelic close eyed visuals.

Eventually I went to sleep, and woke up still feeling extremely relaxed.

Overall, these Blue Lotus 200X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals definitely exceeded my expectations. For the first couple of hours there was strong relaxation and euphoria but simultaneously I was quite lucid and clear-headed. Then the deep sedation and meditation set in, and it was unique and quite pleasurable.

All things considered, I believe I will be making Blue Lotus a part of my regular herbal regimen. It’s up there with Kratom in my opinion as far as having beneficial and powerful effects.