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Cat's Claw 10X Extract Tablets From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report; This Herb Is An Excellent Kratom Potentiator

cat's claw

Today I will be taking Cat’s Claw for the first time, via Cat’s Claw 10X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals. This herb, which has the scientific name Uncaria Tomentosa, is known for being one of the best herbs for boosting immunity. Indeed, there are even several scientific studies about how Cat’s Claw can help cure cancer, in addition to all sorts of other ailments.

Aside from that, Cat’s Claw also has potent analgesic qualities, and it helps relieve inflammation, especially joint pain. Additionally, Cat’s Claw is known to be very relaxing.

Notably, Cat’s Claw is closely related to Kratom and shares some of the same alkaloids, such as Mitraphylline and Isomitraphylline.

Further, Cat’s Claw is commonly considered one of the best Kratom potentiators, i.e. it makes Kratom experiences stronger.

Therefore, I will be taking Cat’s Claw on its own to begin this experience, to see how Cat’s Claw works by itself. Then I will be taking some Kratom, to gauge how well Cat’s Claw potentiates Kratom.

T + 0 (5:42 PM) I open up the bottle of Cat’s Claw and take 1 tablet. It practically has no scent or taste. Each of these tablets contains 200 mg of 10X extract, and therefore each tablet equals roughly 2 grams of fresh Cat’s Claw.

T + 7 I am definitely feeling something good. Relaxation and even light euphoria.

T + 9 I am feeling a surge of warmth, especially in my neck. It is an opioid-esque effect.

T + 40 I’m feeling incredibly relaxed, if not a bit sedated as well. Really fun to watch YouTube videos when taking Cat’s Claw apparently.

T + 150 I noticed I have tremendous energy, and that I feel really healthy and aggressive.

T + 165 (8:27 PM) I made a blend of several Kratom strains, and taking 7 grams of this blend + another 10X Cat’s Claw Extract Tablet to kick off phase 2 of this experiment. The point of this stage of this experiment is to determine how well Cat’s Claw potentiates Kratom.

T + 175 Very strong Kratom effects coming on quickly. Very euphoric, and perhaps even slightly intoxicating. From even these first 10 minutes I can tell Cat’s Claw makes Kratom much stronger.

T + 270 I talked to a friend for a very long time. I’m very talkative, euphoric, energetic, and relaxed. Also all regular aches and pains are definitely gone, so there is solid analgesia. Definitely a very unique and strong Kratom experience.

Overall, Cat’s Claw definitely has psychoactive effects on its own, mostly relaxation combined with a very energetic and healthy feeling. Also, Cat’s Claw definitely made my Kratom experience much stronger than usual, enhancing both the energetic and relaxing parts of the Kratom experience.

All things considered, I think Cat’s Claw is an excellent herb to take with Kratom and I will be doing it again. Aside from that, if I ever got sick I would take Cat’s Claw since it has powerful immune boosting properties.