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Cheap Kratom Drug Test Kits Are Now Widely Available; Kratom Users On Probation/Parole Or Working For An Employer That Doesn't Allow Kratom Need To Be Aware Of This

An article on The Kratom Herald from many months ago discussed Kratom drug tests, and how Kratom drug tests could only be done if a urine/blood/hair sample was sent to a lab for analysis.

Unfortunately, Kratom drug testing science has advanced since that article was written, and now cheap and highly accurate Kratom drug testing kits are widely available. Considering this, people on probation/parole, as well as people working for employers who do not allow Kratom, need to be extra careful.

Literally, Kratom drug test kits can now be purchased on Amazon Prime, meaning anyone in the world can buy a Kratom drug test and receive it within a few days. Further, since these cheap Kratom drug test kits are available on Amazon, then it is safe to assume that they are being sold elsewhere too, and that government agencies and employers have easy access to these kits.

These Kratom drug test kits work just like any other simple drug test, where a drop of urine is put on a strip, and then 1 line indicates a positive and 2 lines indicate a negative.

Based on the reviews these Kratom drug test kits are highly accurate and highly sensitive to Kratom use. In-fact, one user reports that they tested positive all the way until day 34 without Kratom. Another user reports that they tested positive until 23 days without Kratom.

Therefore, Kratom users can fail a Kratom drug test even if they don’t take Kratom for an entire month, with failure possible even after the 1 month mark.

All things considered, people on probation/parole should probably not take Kratom. Indeed, it is illegal for people on probation/parole to take Kratom no matter which state they are in, just like it is against the rules to consume alcohol. If a probation/parole officer administers one of these Kratom drug tests to someone who used Kratom within the past month, then they are very likely to fail and go to jail.

Likewise, people who work at a company/organization that doesn’t allow Kratom could easily lose their job due to these new Kratom drug tests. Employees should check their company’s drug testing guidelines in order to figure out if Kratom is allowed or not.

Zooming out, it is extremely unfortunate and wrong that people on probation/parole cannot take Kratom, since Kratom certainly helps people to stay away from dangerous drugs. Indeed, if Kratom was allowed for people on probation/parole, the rate of people being sent to jail for taking drugs while on probation/parole would likely drastically decline. Therefore, the government is shooting itself in the foot by punishing people who take Kratom while on probation/parole, since one of the primary goals of probation/parole is supposed to be getting people off of drugs.

That being said, it is important for people on probation/parole to know this information, as well as anyone working for a company/organization where Kratom use is not allowed, which is why I wrote this article.