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Convenience Store In Mississippi Raided And Owners Arrested For Selling Kratom, Cops Find Only A Few Kilos But Media Hypes It Up As A Major Drug Bust

An absurd scenario unfolded in Panola County Mississippi roughly a week ago. A convenience store was selling Kratom, and since Kratom is banned in Panola County, the Sheriff’s Office conducted an undercover sting operation where they purchased a bag of Kratom. After that, the police came in at full-force and seized the Kratom, in addition to arresting two people.

The most ridiculous part of this story is that only a few boxes of Kratom were found, and in those boxes were some small bags of Kratom powder and some extracts. The cops said it was thousands of dollars of Kratom, but since those are convenience store retail prices, it is likely the cops seized only a few kilos worth of Kratom. This is corroborated by the pictures of the ‘bust’ which show only a small amount of Kratom being seized.

Despite the fact that the raid only yielded a few kilos of Kratom at most, the mainstream media has hyped it up as a major drug bust. News 3 Memphis declares “One Mississippi community hopes they’ve gotten rid of a drug problem for good after an enormous bust removes a drug parents have been complaining about.”

Clearly Panola County Mississippi must be a very quiet place if several kilos of Kratom is considered an enormous drug bust, if even newsworthy. For reference, a real major drug bust is something like the $95 million of Cocaine seized off the coast of Miami last month, and that sort’ve thing happens in Miami all the time.

Zooming out, another reason that this ‘Kratom bust’ is insane is that Kratom is legal on the Federal and State level in Mississippi, and the only reason there’s a Kratom ban in Panola County is that the County Board of Supervisors enacted a Kratom ban without any democratic process. In other words, Panola County used totalitarian authority to enact this ban, without even putting it up to a democratic vote.

Indeed, Panola County grouped Kratom into a pre-existing ordinance banning synthetic drugs like bath salts, which is ironic since Kratom is not even synthetic, rather it is a leaf from a tree. Clearly whoever wrote the law in Panola County doesn’t even understand what Kratom actually is.

Further, the apparent reason for this ban is the Sheriff’s Office states that parents are complaining that their kids have been getting sick from Kratom. There is no actual evidence to substantiate this claim, and in-fact it makes no sense. What sort of kids go out and buy Kratom and then take so much that they get hospitalized? More likely is that when the cops refer to ‘kids’, they actually mean adults who are addicted to drugs that overdosed and then blamed their situation on Kratom to avoid being arrested for using hard drugs.

Thus, this is just another attempt by the mainstream media to hype up anti-Kratom propaganda, resulting in a nonsensical and convoluted mess of a story that is completely opposite of reality.

Ultimately, in this case the real story is that the Panola County government is over-reaching the bounds of their power and attacking people for selling an herb that is legal in the rest of the state. Not only that, but the people who were selling Kratom were doing a service to the community, since Kratom saves lives by helping people get off dangerous drugs, and it is wrong that they now face jail time and have been framed as criminals by the media.

On a final note, perhaps the main point to take away from this story is that the Kratom community needs to fight very hard to keep Kratom legal, since what just happened in Panola County is an example of what cops would do everywhere if Kratom was banned God forbid. Essentially, no matter how many people Kratom helps and saves, if Kratom ends up getting banned then cops and the media would frame Kratom users and retailers as drug addicts and criminals.