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DEA Considering Scheduling Kratom As An Illegal Drug Nationwide, And Many State Kratom Ban Bills Expected In The Coming Months; This Situation Is Far More Serious Than Ever Before Since Government Power Is At All-Time Highs And Freedom Of Speech Is At All-Time Lows

Kratom’s legality in the United States is facing far more serious threats than ever before. According to the Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the American Kratom Association, Mac Haddow, the FDA has supercharged their campaign to get Kratom banned, and now the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is considering scheduling Kratom as an illegal drug nationwide.

Further, the American Kratom Association is expecting that many state Kratom ban bills will be filed in the coming weeks and months. Essentially, now that the election cycle is over, new legislative sessions are starting across the country, and many of the newly elected state representatives were planted by Big Pharma via massive campaign contributions, and these Big Pharma ‘minions’ will push for Kratom to be banned.

Indeed, a Kratom ban bill has already been proposed in Mississippi, which is an ominous sign considering that legislative sessions are just beginning and that there are so many other much more important issues for the government to handle. Literally, even though the societal and economic turmoil caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic should be the #1 concern, political representatives planted by Big Pharma are instead focusing on getting Kratom banned.

This Year’s Threats To Kratom Are Much More Serious Than Ever Before, Since Government Power Is At All-Time Highs, And Freedom Of Speech Is At All-Time Lows

Notably, Kratom was almost banned by the DEA in 2016 and ultimately that ban was stopped before it happened, and numerous states have proposed to ban Kratom only to have the ban bills overturned after aggressive advocacy from the Kratom community. Therefore, the current threats to Kratom would seem like par for the course.

However, I argue that Kratom is in a far more grave situation than ever before due to the shift in our government and society that has occurred over the past year.

Essentially, the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused the government to gain far more power than ever before, while simultaneously people have far less power than ever before. Indeed, even the most basic right, freedom of speech, seems to be a thing of the past.

It has become common for anything posted on the internet that goes against the government’s agenda to be oppressively censored, and simultaneously the due process of law has been crippled, while constitutional rights seem to be practically suspended.

Considering all of this, if the DEA were to attempt to schedule Kratom again like they did in 2016, it would likely be much more difficult to change the DEA’s mind, since Kratom advocates would face stiff censorship, and practically every government organization has slowed to a crawl, so it would be harder than ever for Kratom advocates to get their message across to the DEA.

Likewise, the same is true when it comes to state Kratom ban proposals. Further, one of the main ways that state Kratom bans were overturned in the past is Kratom advocates would show up in-person to the hearings, but now due to Coronavirus, it is probable that hearings will be held over Zoom instead of in-person, making it much more difficult to convey the message that Kratom saves lives to the representatives who are voting on Kratom ban bills.

Thus, Kratom is facing a nightmare scenario this year, with many statewide Kratom ban bills incoming, in addition to the possibility that the DEA will outright ban Kratom nationwide, during a time at which the people have less power than ever before and the government has more power than ever before.

That being said, we must continue to fight as hard as we can to keep Kratom legal, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against us, since if Kratom is banned it would lead to an immense amount of death and suffering, and if we succeed in keeping Kratom legal, then countless lives will be saved.