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Deadly Clash With Kratom Smugglers At Thailand/Malaysia Border Reveals That Banning Kratom Would Put The Kratom Trade Into The Hands Of Criminals, Leading To Violence And Death

The FDA has been trying to get Kratom banned for years, which is a poorly thought out plan, since banning Kratom would cause millions of Americans to have no alternative to dangerous synthetic opioids and opiates for chronic pain and opioid dependence issues, and this would undoubtedly lead to widespread suffering and death.

Further, banning Kratom would put the Kratom trade into the hands of criminals, leading to violence and death, in addition to causing a proliferation of adulterated and contaminated Kratom.

Indeed, as discussed in a previous article on The Kratom Herald, when the United States banned Alcohol in the 1920s, Alcohol didn’t cease to exist. Instead, the Alcohol trade fell into the hands of criminals, and this actually led to the rise of the modern day Mafia, in addition to leading to a proliferation of poorly made and contaminated Alcohol.

Essentially, when a product is extremely popular and used by countless millions of Americans, like Alcohol or Kratom, it is not possible to ban it, since the demand for the product will continue regardless of the law. The only effect of banning a product like Kratom or Alcohol is that criminals will take over the trade of that product, leading to a litany of problems.

Indeed, an example of the problems that can arise if Kratom is banned has occurred at the border of Malaysia and Thailand this week. Notably, Kratom is illegal in both Thailand and Malaysia, despite the fact that Kratom grows natively in both countries, and has been used since ancient times in those countries.

13 men who were smuggling Kratom leaves were intercepted by a Malaysian police patrol in the middle of the night near the border. When the police moved in to investigate a gun fight broke out, leading to one of the police officers being killed, in addition to one of the smugglers dying and several others being wounded.

Zooming out, if Kratom was legal in Thailand and Malaysia, then this violent incident would not have happened, since Kratom would be sold and traded by reputable vendors instead of being smuggled across borders by criminal gangs.

Likewise, in the United States Kratom is currently being sold by reputable vendors, who pay taxes, benefit the economy, and ensure that only safe and pure Kratom reaches customers. If Kratom were banned, cartels, mafias, and criminals in general would instead sell Kratom, leading to violence and death, much like what has just occurred on the Malaysia/Thailand border, except on a much larger scale since America has a tremendous appetite for Kratom.

Thus, policy makers need to keep this in mind when weighing Kratom ban laws. Not only is a Kratom ban completely unnecessary since Kratom has never caused a death in history and it benefits millions of Americans, a Kratom ban would fuel a massive and violent Kratom blackmarket.