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Delta 8 THC Experience Report: Poison For The Brain, Body, And Soul, Don't Use This Stuff

delta 8 dummies

Delta 8 THC has rapidly become one of the hottest products being sold in smoke shops, and I am very curious as to whether it’s safe and effective or ineffective and dangerous, so I am writing a detailed experience report below to help others make the right decisions about Delta 8 THC.

First some background info. Delta 8 THC has almost the exact same molecular structure as Delta 9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient of Marijuana. Literally, the only difference is one of the double bonds in Delta 8 THC is shifted, and other than that it has all the same atoms and molecular bonds as Delta 9 THC.

The reports I have read about Delta 8 THC are all over the place. A lot of people say they really enjoy it, a lot of people say it’s weak and nowhere near as good as Delta 9 THC, and some other people say it caused negative reactions like panic attacks.

Today I will be taking Delta 8 Gummies. Although the most popular way to use Delta 8 is to vape/smoke it, I want this to be an exact scientific experiment, and the gummies have an exact dose of Delta 8.

Specifically, I have Delta8Pro Pyramid Gummies which each contain 25 mg of Delta 8 THC, which is considered an ‘intermediate dose’, although it will probably be a very strong dose for me since I almost never smoke Cannabis.

T + 0 I take 1 gummy. It tastes ok but not delicious, which is probably a good thing because if it was delicious then people might munch on them and take way too much.

T + 4 Feeling a slight change of perception, and perhaps a slight euphoria.

T + 9 Starting to feel very relaxed and happy.

T + 19 I’ve been eating a lot and still hungry, so it seems Delta 8 THC definitely gives the munchies. Other than that very relaxed and zen feeling. So far so good.

T + 30 A feeling of sedation and perhaps slight intoxication is setting in.

T + 41 Feeling strong euphoria at this point, but also fairly demotivated to do anything important.

T + 53 Becoming very tired.

T + 60 I went into bed, and effects suddenly starting coming on very powerfully.

I feel very tired physically and mentally, and simultaneously it’s like my brain is scrambled eggs. It makes me feel like I’m not capable of functioning normally.

I feel like this Delta 8 THC is actually very bad for people, like a brain poison.

It is somewhat comparable to Marijuana I suppose, but it’s a darker sort of feeling.

Some notable effects include strong time dilation, and a huge shift in visual perception. Everything looks very yellow, and my vision is very rocky and wavy, and I actually feel like I’m standing in the ocean and I’m being moved by waves.

T + 83 This stuff feels like Cannabis but very dark. It’s a dark psychedelic headspace. I can’t think or function to anywhere near my full capacity. Also it has a ‘hot’ body feeling, like a Serotonin overdose.

I don’t recommend this to anyone. I would say I wish I didn’t ever take this, but I am happy I did so I can warn everyone.

T + 93 I did some research on Delta 8’s legality, and the DEA has already laid the framework to destroy the Delta 8 industry, it’s just a matter of time until they make a move. Not surprising considering the poisonous nature of this stuff.

T + 95 Feeling very tired and drowsy again. I wish I could work right now, this sucks.

T + 106 Did more research. The fact of the matter is that Delta 8 THC is considered a synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinol because major chemical reactions are needed to turn Hemp into Delta 8, and in-fact Delta 8 THC is explicitly considered a Schedule I substance… only a matter of time till the DEA strikes Delta 8 THC distributors based on this law.

T + 120 Fairly disoriented, have to lay down again. Weird psychedelic state too, definitely minor hallucinations. I bet this stuff can cause schizophrenia with regular use.

T + 124 Reading reports on Erowid. Delta 8 is actually really dangerous. Check out these two reports #1  #2

T + 200 I feel really stupid and out of it, and tired, and a weird psychedelic head-space.

Overall Delta 8 THC is not good based on my experience. It takes away my ability to think, function, and reach my potential. It seems like this stuff would destroy people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Also, there are plenty of reports online of people being hospitalized due to this stuff, and on top of all that the DEA is coming after Delta 8 THC since it has caused so many incidents.

All things considered, I highly recommend that you stay away from Delta 8 THC. If you need a medicinal Cannabis effect, use CBD or Hemp instead.

T + 720 It is now 12 hours since I took the 25 mg of Delta 8 THC, and I’ve just slept for 5 hours. I finally have regained my full capabilities and the Delta 8 THC has worn off Thank God.

Before I went to sleep I had an extreme munchies binge and ate way too much. During that part of the experience this Delta 8 THC actually did feel a lot like Cannabis, and there was a strong relaxing and intoxicating effect.

However, whatever medicinal properties this stuff had are not worth it, cause there are plenty of herbs that provide the same medicinal effects without inducing such a weird and dark psychedelic headspace. Indeed, if someone needs the medicinal properties of Cannabis, they can just use Hemp, CBD, or CBG.

Thus, if you are considering using Delta 8 THC because it’s a popular fad, I recommend that you do not. This stuff is simply not good for people, and I believe this stuff can destroy lives by taking away a person’s capability to properly think and function, in addition to having a high risk of causing schizophrenia and psychotic episodes with regular use.