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Doctors Are Trained To Assume That Kratom Is The Cause Of Liver Damage In Cases Where A Patient Used Kratom, Even Though There Is Zero Science To Support The Theory That Kratom Is Harmful To The Liver

Over the years Big Pharma, the FDA, and the medical establishment have persistently tried to tarnish Kratom’s reputation via using fake science and fake news to prove that Kratom is dangerous. So far these attacks on Kratom have been overturned with real science each time they happen, but these attacks do put a dent in Kratom’s reputation regardless, especially since there’s a general anti-Kratom bias in our society.

The latest attack on Kratom is that some Doctors are claiming that Kratom causes liver damage. In-fact, this theory that Kratom causes liver damage has occasionally come up over the years, even though there’s never been any proof for this claim.

The latest ‘fake science’ paper that just came out on this issue is titled ‘Kratom induced severe cholestatic liver injury histologically mimicking primary biliary cholangitis: A case report‘. In this paper a case is documented where a woman had severe liver issues and landed in the hospital, and the doctors automatically assumed that Kratom was the cause of the damage since the woman had been taking Kratom. Critically, this paper makes no mention of any evidence or science which links Kratom to the liver damage. 

Now the question is, why would a group of Doctors automatically assume that Kratom had caused severe liver issues despite a lack of evidence? Shouldn’t the Doctors thoroughly investigate underlying conditions and perform all sorts of tests to find the real diagnosis?

The answer is that Doctors are actually trained to assume that Kratom is the primary cause of liver damage in any case where a patient with a bad liver admits to using Kratom. This is due to a stern warning about Kratom in the LiverTox database, which is an official database that Doctors can use to figure out which drug is responsible for destroying a patient’s liver.

Shockingly, Kratom has a rating of Category B in the LiverTox database, meaning that it is known or highly likely that Kratom causes liver damage. This is near the top of the scale for drugs that destroy the liver.

Absurdly, despite that serious warning in LiverTox, LiverTox itself flatly says that there is no scientific explanation for why Kratom would cause liver damage. This is the exact info from the database “The cause of liver injury due to kratom is unknown. It is often used with other agents, including drugs of abuse, and its causative relationship to liver injury in published cases is not always clear.”

Further, the only information in LiverTox about previous cases is very odd. It says that in the rare case that Kratom causes liver damage, that severe damage would happen in the first 1-8 weeks of Kratom use. Essentially, LiverTox is saying that there’s only been a few cases of this sort’ve liver damage in history, and in those cases it occurred very rapidly. This suggests that underlying conditions are likely to blame, rather than Kratom itself, since apparently long term Kratom use has never been shown to damage the liver even according to LiverTox.

Bringing this information full circle, Doctors are trained to assume that Kratom is the cause of liver damage in any case where a patient admits to using Kratom, thanks to the Kratom warning in the LiverTox database, despite the fact that the LiverTox Kratom warning has no science to back it.

Indeed, in 2019 a woman was getting tests for liver damage, and once she admitted to using Kratom the Doctors assumed that Kratom was to blame and stopped searching for why her liver was damaged. This is not only bad for Kratom’s reputation, but it is also extremely dangerous for the patient if the actual liver problem is never properly diagnosed or treated.

Thus, in the case of Kratom and liver damage, someone in Big Pharma/Big Medicine claimed that Kratom causes damage to the liver at some point years ago, setting off a chain reaction of Doctors referencing that first paper and writing more papers about how Kratom causes liver damage. There was never any real evidence that Kratom damages the liver in the first papers, nor is there any evidence in the more recent papers, but now there are so many anti-Kratom papers on this subject that it makes Kratom look very bad even if there is no evidence.

The silver lining is that although Big Pharma/Big Medicine/the FDA are persistently making up fake science and fake news to attack Kratom, it is actually a testament to Kratom’s safety that these organizations can never come up with any actual proof that Kratom is dangerous in any way, and due to this these organizations are forced to lie to push their agenda. Indeed, if organizations with billions of dollars of resources can’t firmly prove that Kratom is dangerous, it actually proves that Kratom is the safest supplement on the planet.