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Fakenews Story Claims That A Kratom 'Addict' Spent $1,000/Month On Kratom, Which Is Absurd Since Kratom Costs Only $30/Month Even With Heavy Use

There has been a flurry of Kratom misinformation posted in the mainstream media recently. The latest Kratom hit-piece is a story about a Kratom ‘addict’ who spent $1,000 per month on Kratom, and the story goes on to claim that this ‘addict’ spent $20,000-$30,000 on Kratom in just 3 years.

Further, this Kratom ‘addict’ claims to have needed a 10 week rehab course to get off the Kratom. Notably, most of the news story focuses on The Blanchard Institute, the rehab that this Kratom ‘addict’ went to, so it seems this absurd news story is an advertisement for The Blanchard Institute. This is not surprising considering that numerous rehabs have been advertising rehab services for Kratom users.

Zooming out, this fakenews piece is completely insane, since there is no way that Kratom can cost $1,000 per month. In-fact, Kratom costs only $30 per month even if someone is a heavy user.

Doing the math, a kilo of Kratom on Amazing Botanicals costs just $75, which comes out to $0.075 per gram. I am a heavy Kratom user, and at the most I take 10 grams per day, which comes out to $0.75 per day and $22.50 per month.

I have heard of some Kratom users taking 30-40 grams of Kratom per day, which is way too much and it’s hard to imagine taking that much Kratom. In any case, even at that insane usage rate a Kratom user would only be able to take a kilo in a month, which is $75.

Therefore, the claim that a Kratom ‘addict’ can spend $1,000 in a month is ridiculous, and it is fakenews that is designed to make Kratom seem as financially destructive as Heroin.

Further, this fakenews story is completely opposite of reality, since Kratom is actually one of the cheapest supplements that exists. Indeed, at a cost of $0.75/day, Kratom is much cheaper than a Starbuck’s Coffee ‘addiction’, and much cheaper than a Cigarette addiction.

On a final note, this ridiculous statement is posted within the fakenews story: “Blanchard says the U.S. did a good job of controlling opioids, but now addicts are filling their addiction in other ways.” This statement makes no sense considering that drug overdose deaths are at record highs of 81,000 per year, with synthetic opioids being responsible for most of those deaths.

Thus, while it is unfortunate that Big Pharma and the mainstream media continue to endeavor to make Kratom look dangerous and deadly, at least the effort put into these Kratom hit-pieces is so poor that they are easily debunked.