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Google Is Spreading Kratom Misinformation & Censoring Truthful Kratom Info, Likely Leading To Numerous Ruined Lives And Deaths

Ever since Kratom became popular in the USA, Google has been disseminating anti-Kratom misinformation on a massive scale. This has likely caused deaths and ruined lives, since people that could have had their life saved by Kratom would be scared away from ever trying Kratom if they read Google.

Indeed, 7 years ago I was using Kratom while living in my parent’s house. My Mom looked up Kratom on Google and totally flipped out, and she trashed my Kratom and thought I was a heavy drug addict. In-fact, she was so adamant about Kratom being a dangerous and addictive drug that I became convinced I was a drug addict just because I used Kratom, and I quit. This led to much turmoil in my life, since I ended up on psych meds shortly afterwards, which caused a downwards spiral that lasted for years and almost killed me.

Therefore, from my own personal experience I know that Google is messing up people’s lives, and it sickens me to think that Google has continued to do this for so many years.

Looking at the data, there’s approximately 1.2 million Kratom-related searches per month on Google. The bulk of this is for the keyword ‘Kratom’, which gets 450,000 searches a month. The entire page is filled with search results about how Kratom is addictive, dangerous, and ineffective, all of which is complete lies.

The same is true for the other biggest keywords like ‘What is Kratom’, ‘Kratom Tea’, ‘Kratom Effects’. If anyone is trying to do some basic research on Kratom, all they will find is aggressive anti-Kratom propaganda.

Not only that, but even search keywords like ‘Kratom Powder’ and ‘Kratom Capsules’ are filled with Kratom misinformation. Literally, even if someone is just trying to buy some Kratom, they are instead showed anti-Kratom propaganda.

Further, Google’s attack on Kratom have been increasing with time. Indeed, the keywords ‘Kratom Powder’ and ‘Kratom Capsules’ were not censored until a few months ago. Basically, whenever a Kratom related keyword starts getting lots of traffic, Google jumps in and censors it with anti-Kratom propaganda.

Zooming out, Google’s actions have caused an untold amount of deaths, ruined countless lives, and is also flaming the fires of the Opioid Pandemic. It is logical that there should be laws in-place to prevent Google from doing things like this. Unfortunately, there are no checks and balances in this situation, since the source of all this anti-Kratom misinformation, Big Pharma, essentially controls the Government, and therefore Google is doing exactly what the Government and Big Pharma wants.

Therefore, all things considered, although Google’s Kratom censorship is a serious and deadly problem, there’s probably nothing that can be done to stop it. Even if all the millions of Kratom users signed a petition about this and sent it to Google, it is 99% likely that Google would just send a canned response about how their search results are not censored and that it’s just their algorithm naturally sending Kratom misinformation to the top.

That being said, it is important to be aware that practically all the Kratom info on Google is false and misleading, and to educate others about Google’s Kratom censorship as well. Basically, the more people that are educated about Google’s deceptive Kratom-related practices, the less people will be hurt by Google’s Kratom misinformation.