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Green Vein Malay Kratom From Whole Herbs Experience Report

Green Vein Malay Kratom

In this article I describe what it is like to take Green Vein Malay Kratom Capsules from Whole Herbs, which can be obtained from NuWave Botanicals. This Kratom has a Mitragynine content of 1.5%, which is very high for natural Kratom leaf. Also, the label on this Kratom indicates that there is 9 mg of Mitragynine and 0.3 mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine per capsule. I have never seen the Mitragynine content per capsule listed on a bottle of Kratom Capsules before, but it is incredibly useful for calculating dosage.

Typically I would take a dosage of 10 grams of Kratom Powder for a strong experience, which would be approximately 16 capsules, but in this case I will only take 8 grams since this Kratom has a very high Mitragynine content.

Notably, the reason I have decided to take this particular strain of Kratom this morning is that I am tired, since I didn’t get as much sleep as usual, and this Green Vein Malay should provide me with a solid burst of energy to get the day started.

T + 0 I open the bottle of capsules and it has an extremely pleasant smell. It definitely smells like high quality Kratom. I begin to take the capsules.

T + 3 It only took a few minutes to take all 13 capsules, which is a total dosage of 117 mg of Mitragynine and 3.9 mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine. For some reason these capsules were much easier to take than most other Kratom Capsules I’ve tried. They went down smoothly.

T + 17 My morning fatigue and grogginess has steadily been lifting away, and now it is almost completely eliminated. I am beginning to feel quite pleasant, focused, and ready to start the day.

T + 34 I have gradually become more energetic, and this Kratom is really helping me to get my work day started.

T + 40 Euphoria is now becoming apparent. Feeling talkative and articulate. This is a drastic 180 degree change from how fatigued I was feeling when I woke up. Thank God for Kratom.

T + 52 Analgesia has just started to kick in, with a pleasant warm feeling spreading across my body. All aches and pains are gone and I’m feeling calm, serene, and euphoric.

T + 74 Just did my morning prayers, and combined with the effects of the Kratom I feel incredibly well-balanced, optimistic, and relaxed. Kratom and prayer goes well together.

T + 97 Energetic and euphoric effects are drastically intensifying, combined with strong analgesia and warmth. I may finally be approaching the peak, although it is obvious that this Kratom will be very long lasting and the peak could last an hour or two.

After this point I continued to be energetic for about an hour, before classic Kratom sedation overcame me and I had to lay down and take a nap. Now it is roughly 4 hours after I took the Kratom and I am still quite relaxed.

Overall, Green Vein Malay Kratom Capsules from Whole Herbs are definitely high quality Kratom, and they really helped me to get through the day. The experience was potent, with powerful energy, euphoria, and analgesia followed by deep sedation, and the experience was long lasting. This is definitely one of the best Green Vein strains that I have tried.