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Guarana 10X Extract Tablets Experience Report: Potent, Sustained, And Euphoric Energy


On The Kratom Herald I am doing a series of experience reports on powerful ethnobotanicals, with the first article in this series being about Blue Lotus, which is an intensely meditative and serene herb.

Today I will be taking Guarana 10X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals. Guarana, which has the scientific name Paullina Cupana, is an ethnobotanical that contains the highest concentrations of Caffeine found in nature, in addition to other stimulating alkaloids including Theobromine, Methylxanthine, and Theophylline. Beyond that, Guarana also contains Tannins which are theorized to potentiate the effects of the Caffeine, leading to longer lasting energy than Caffeine by itself.

The reason I am taking Guarana today is that me and my wife are going on a road trip up north, and we need energy to pack our stuff, get out the door, and drive. We will each be taking 1 tablet, which is a strong dose equivalent to 2,000 mg of fresh Guarana.

T + 0 Me and my wife each take a Guarana tablet.

T + 3 Maybe it’s placebo, but I feel a significant rise in energy already, and I am rapidly doing the things I need to do to prepare for the road trip.

T + 7 Feeling powerful and pure energy, beyond my expectations already.

T + 23 Strong energy and euphoria right now. It’s way stronger than Coffee, and there are no jitters. I’m surprised how there is such powerful euphoria, which is uncommon for Caffeine. It must have to do with the Theobromine.

T + 31 Extremely strong energy continues.

After this point my wife and I succeeded in packing our stuff and getting on the road. I took a couple of Kratom Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals, and they mixed very nicely with the Guarana. I had a powerful feeling of concentration and simultaneous relaxation, and drove for 3 hours.

Later that evening once the sun set I began to get tired, and I took another Guarana Extract Tablet. My energy quickly came back and I drove for another 3 hours. The energy was steady, pure, and euphoric like the first tablet.

Overall, these Guarana Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals provide potent and sustained energy, and are simultaneously much more euphoric and relaxing than pretty much any other Caffeine-oriented product that I have had.

Further, once I checked into the hotel for the night there was no feeling of being too stimulated, and the effects of the Guarana smoothly wore off without any crash or side effects. 

All things considered, if I ever need energy, whether it be for driving or for work, I will be taking these Guarana Extract Tablets. They are in a class of their own when it comes to energy, since they provide much more energy than Coffee while simultaneously not having any of the typical Caffeine side effects, and on top of all of that they provide a euphoric and relaxing experience, especially when mixed with some Kratom.