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House Appropriations Bill Allots $1 Million For Kratom Research

The United States House of Representatives has allotted no less than $1 million for Kratom research in the House Appropriations Bill for the year 2020. The House acknowledges that many people use Kratom as an alternative to synthetic opioids for managing pain, and sees the need for further research.

Indeed, as explained in a previous article, Kratom contains 31 different alkaloids and most of these have not been researched at all. Even well-known Kratom alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine have only been partially studied and there is certainly far more to learn. Therefore, years of research is necessary before the benefits of Kratom can be fully understood.

In particular, the House mandates that research funded with this money should lead to Kratom clinical trials, and that these clinical trials should take place in regions which have been hit hard by synthetic opioid addiction. There has been a lack of scientific studies which analyze the effects of Kratom in humans, with most studies using mice and guinea pigs. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial for Kratom science if these clinical trials do end up happening.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) will be in charge of distributing this money to various scientists and research centers. Government grants are usually highly competitive, and the AHRQ will likely call for proposals sometime in the coming months and then decide which proposals are the most worthy.

That being said, the House Appropriations Bill for 2020 has not been passed yet and must be approved by the Senate before it becomes law. The total size of the House Appropriations Bill is an unfathomable $1.4 trillion, and it is possible that the Senate will cut some things out of this highly unbalanced budget. However, hopefully the Kratom funding remains intact, since it is a relatively small amount of money and it can do a vast amount of good via fueling critical Kratom research.

In any case, the fact that the United States House of Representatives officially recognized Kratom as an alternative for pain management, and wants to fund research that could lead to Kratom clinical trials, is a milestone which indicates that Kratom is becoming more mainstream.