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Hush Kratom Shot Infused With Coffee Experience Report

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It is Sunday morning and I am just waking up, and I have decided to take the Hush Kratom Extract Shot infused with real Coffee, which can be obtained from NuWave Botanicals, in order to jumpstart my day. In the below article I describe the minute by minute experience.

This shot contains 100-110 mg of Mitragynine, which is a strong dose, and simultaneously it is infused with French Roast Coffee, vanilla flavoring, and sucralose, which should make it delicious like a cup of Coffee. The Caffeine content of the shot is unlisted, so perhaps the Coffee it contains is more for flavoring rather than effect, but we will see.

Notably, I have not taken Kratom in almost 2 days now, and I have not eaten anything yet today, so this shot should work to its full potential.

T + 0 The shot smells absolutely delicious, just like a fresh cup of Coffee! This may be the best smelling Kratom shot I have ever encountered.

I drink most of it and it tastes just as good as it smells. I leave 1/6th of the bottle for my wife to try, so I probably took a total of 80-90 mg of Mitragynine.

T + 2 Starting to get the first hints of analgesic warmth and energy. This shot seems to be very fast acting.

T + 5 Euphoria is rapidly coming on now, and simultaneously I am becoming very talkative. The energy is like drinking multiple cups of Coffee at once except without any of the downsides.

T + 9 Extremely euphoric, and all of my fatigue and morning grogginess is completely eliminated. This is like the rocket fuel of Kratom. It’s very rare for Kratom shots to take effect this quickly. Perhaps the X factor is the Coffee that is infused into it.

T + 30 Relaxing, euphoric, and energetic effects continue. Good analgesic effects as well, all regular aches and pains are gone.

T + 39 Ate a sandwich, and analgesic and euphoric effects have intensified even further. Indeed, eating food often makes Kratom experiences stronger, since it helps the Kratom to digest and absorb.

T + 54 Feeling incredibly relaxed, contented, and so happy to be alive. Warm and analgesic effects have gotten even stronger. Overall this is among the highest quality Kratom shots I have tried.

T + 90 Effects have hit a plateau, with the relaxing, analgesic, and euphoric effects continuing.

T + 105 Sedative effects have become apparent and are quickly intensifying, which is typical for a strong Kratom experience.

T + 130 The sedation has leveled off after a brief rest, and now I’m just feeling relaxed and ready to continue with the rest of my day.

T + 150 Pleasant effects continue, this shot is relatively long lasting.

Overall, the Hush Kratom Extract Shot infused with real Coffee was very fast acting and provided potent energy, euphoria, relaxation, and analgesia. Also, this is one of the best tasting Kratom shots I have ever had. Ultimately this Kratom shot made my Sunday very enjoyable, and I think this shot would have been excellent during a work day as well since it is primarily energetic, with only a bit of sedation near the end. Therefore, I highly recommend this shot for both work and relaxation.