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In-Depth Brain Study Confirms That Kratom Lacks Addiction Potential, Since Kratom Does Not Induce Accumulation Of ΔFosB, Unlike Addictive Drugs Which Do Cause ΔFosB Accumulation Across The Brain

A new scientific study titled ‘The Antidepressant and Analgesic Effects of Kratom are Accompanied by Changes in Low Frequency Oscillations but not ΔFosB accumulation from the University of Guelph has confirmed that Kratom lacks addiction potential, while simultaneously Kratom does provide strong analgesic and anti-depressant effects. Notably, this is one of the most in-depth brain studies on Kratom to date.

The science involved in this study is extremely complex, but to make a long story short, drugs of abuse such as Morphine cause the accumulation of a protein called ΔFosB in several regions of the brain. Essentially, ΔFosB accumulation in the brain is an indicator that drug addiction is occurring.

The scientists who conducted this study gave Kratom extract to rats and then studied the resultant ΔFosB levels in the brain, and found that Kratom caused zero accumulation of ΔFosB, strongly suggesting that Kratom lacks addiction potential.

Notably, the scientists who conducted this study originally hypothesized that Kratom would cause an accumulation of ΔFosB, and therefore these scientists were seeking to prove that Kratom is addictive. However, ultimately the results were the opposite of the hypothesis, since Kratom caused no accumulation of ΔFosB.

Further, the scientists confirmed that Kratom causes analgesic and anti-depressant effects on par with drugs like Morphine.

Putting all of this together, these scientists confirmed that Kratom is basically a miracle, since it has extremely beneficial analgesic and anti-depressant properties, but simultaneously lacks addiction potential.

Thus, this new scientific study adds to the evidence that Kratom is an effective way to manage pain and depression, while simultaneously lacking addiction danger. Indeed, there are thousands of subjective reports across the internet which corroborate this, and therefore it is no surprise that science is empirically confirming Kratom’s miraculous properties.