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K Chill Kratom Shot Experience Report

K Chill

In this article I will be describing the minute by minute experience when taking the K Chill Kratom Shot, which can be obtained from NuWave Botanicals.

This shot says it contains two servings, although no alkaloid content is listed. Despite the fact that the dosage is unclear, I will drink the entire shot so that I can document its full effects for this experience report.

Notably, I have not taken any Kratom in 24 hours, nor have I eaten yet today, so this shot should work to its full potential.

T + 0 The taste of this shot is incredibly unique. The flavor is sweet, and perhaps there’s a cherry flavor, combined with the typical Kratom bitterness. Also, it seems this shot makes my mouth go instantly numb.

After tasting it I drank almost the whole shot, and it gave a very warm feeling go down, like taking a shot of liquor. I gave my wife about 10% of the shot and she says it tastes like cherry cough syrup, and that she likes it.

T + 5 Effects quickly becoming apparent. There’s a light headed feeling, and simultaneously strong Kratom warmth is beginning to surge through my body.

T + 9 Warm and analgesic feelings intensifying, and euphoria kicking in. This is a very fast acting Kratom shot.

T + 16 Euphoria is intensifying, I’m becoming very talkative.

T + 29 This shot is definitely exceeding my expectations, euphoria is extremely powerful. I’m very happy, contented, and ecstatic to be alive.

T + 43 Intensely pleasurable effects continue. Notably, analgesia has become complete, not only are all aches and pains eliminated, but my entire body feels really good.

T + 80 Starting to become quite sedated, with powerful analgesia and warmth continuing. I may need to lay down.

T + 240 As I laid down there was intense analgesia and deep relaxation, which is characteristic of the strongest Kratom experiences. Apparently I slept for hours, and I feel extremely well rested and happy. Notably, strong Kratom effects continue. It is extremely unusual for a Kratom shot to last this long.

Overall, the K Chill Kratom Shot was fast acting, long lasting, and provided extremely powerful euphoric and analgesic effects. In-fact, this is definitely one of the best Kratom shots I have ever had, especially since most Kratom shots wear off in 3-4 hours, but this shot had strong effects for 4-6 hours with moderate effects continuing for most of the rest of the day. All things considered, this is definitely a good Kratom shot for people who want a maximum-level Kratom experience.