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K Shot Experience Report

K Shot

In this article I will describe the minute by minute experience when taking the K Shot, which is a potent Kratom extract shot that has been popular in headshops for many years.

Notably, there is no info on the Mitragynine content of this shot, which makes it difficult to ascertain what the proper dosage is. For the sake of this experience report I will take the entire shot at once in order to document its full effects.

T + 0 I take the shot and it has a really interesting flavor. It’s tangy, bitter, but not unpleasant. It actually tastes quite citrus-esque.

T + 7 Powerful energy and euphoria is already becoming apparent.

T+15 Euphoria and energy increasing, simultaneously analgesia and opioid warmth ramping up. Very good feelings relative to most other kratom shots. I’m now walking outside and I feel extremely alive.

T + 80 I was outside for an hour, and it was really wonderful. Lots of energy and euphoria which made the walk very exciting.

Now that I’m back inside and not walking I’m starting to feel powerful analgesia and sedative effects, like a classic ‘Red Vein’ sort of feeling.

T + 120 I ate lunch and I’m feeling extremely good and relaxed. This shot has the perfect balance of energy and relaxation.

After that I went outside again and did a bunch of gardening, where I planted many different types of vegetable and flower seeds, and the Kratom definitely enhanced that activity. Relaxing effects continued for many hours, and ultimately I did end up taking a nap for 1-2 hours, which is common at the tail-end of a strong Kratom experience.

Overall, the K Shot is one of the better Kratom extract shots I have tried, since the euphoric, analgesic, and relaxing effects it provides are quite powerful especially towards the peak of the experience.