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Kanna 200X Extract Tablets Experience Report: Euphoric, Energetic, And Relaxing Rollercoaster


Usually in the morning I take a nice big dose of Kratom, but this morning I have decided I will take another powerful herb. Specifically, I will be taking Kanna 200X Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals.

Kanna, which has the scientific name Sceletium Tortuosum, is actually considered one of the most powerful ethnobotanicals. Based on the many subjective reports posted online, Kanna has a diverse array of effects including powerful euphoria, energy, relaxation, and even sedation.

Notably, Vice News posted an article claiming that Kanna is like ‘natural MDMA’, i.e. Kanna produces effects similar to MDMA, such as a strong feeling of peace, love, energy, and happiness.

Apparently Kanna does interact with the Serotonin receptors in a somewhat similar way to MDMA. Essentially, Kanna is a Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor, so Kanna causes a flood of Serotonin in the brain, leading to intense pleasurable feelings.

In any case, there is only one way to find out what Kanna really does, so I am about to take 1 of these Kanna extract tablets. Since it is a 200X extract, and each tablet contains 50 mg of the extract, this is equivalent to taking 10 grams of fresh Kanna, which is a strong dose.

I have not taken any other herbs today, nor have I eaten anything yet, so this Kanna should work to its full potential.

T + 0 (9 am) I open up the bottle of Kanna and it has a surprisingly sweet smell. It practically smells like candy, in-fact the smell is very similar to licorice.

I take 1 tablet with water. The taste is different from the smell, it tastes like a potent spice.

T + 5 A warm feeling is spreading through my body, somewhat of an opioid feeling similar to Kratom. Simultaneously I am feeling a surge of energy. My mind has gone from tired and fatigued to focused and energetic.

T + 10 The energetic feeling is getting even stronger. I am sitting here working, but it feels like I should be running around or dancing instead of just sitting.

T + 17 I am typing as fast as a hurricane and my mind has become extremely clear and energetic, and powerful euphoria is setting in.

T + 19 My wife noticed how energetic and happy I am, and she is taking a Kanna tablet now too.

T + 29 Continuing to power through my work, and feeling energetic and euphoric.

T + 64 I just powered through a large amount of work, and I thank the Kanna for this, since before I took the Kanna I was tired and lethargic.

Notably, the effects are shifting to a far more relaxing, if not slightly sedative feeling. The effects profile of Kanna feels similar to Kratom, with lots of energy followed by lots of relaxation, although unlike Kratom there are no opioid effects.

T + 110 I got kind of burnt out for a little while, likely because my serotonin was on overdrive but I hadn’t eaten anything. I ate a delicious meat sub and now I’m feeling relaxed and amazing.

T + 130 My wife reports that the Kanna is making her feel better than she has in a long time, and it’s given her energy to do things that she normally couldn’t do.

As for me, the initial rollercoaster of effects is well-over, and I’m steadily working and happy.

T + 150 I have slowly begun to take my morning Kratom dose, and even minutes after taking just 4 capsules I am feeling strong opioid Kratom effects. I suspect Kanna enhances Kratom.

T + 170 I’m slowly taking Kratom capsules, and feeling powerful euphoric, energetic, and opioid effects. Kanna and Kratom is definitely an excellent combo.

Overall, Kanna produced powerful effects, particularly a surge of energy and happiness followed by a surge of relaxation. Notably, Kanna does not last very long based on the experiences of both me and my wife, the strong effects all occurred in the first 1-2 hours before quickly dissipating.

Ultimately, Kanna is definitely a potent and useful ethnobotanical based on my experience, and my wife really liked it too, and I will be taking it from time to time when I need a kick of euphoria and energy.