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Kava Kava Extract Tablets From Amazing Botanicals Experience Report, Incredible Stress And Anxiety Relief

Kava Kava extract tablets

This morning I will be taking Kava Kava Extract Tablets from Amazing Botanicals, which contain 200 mg of a 70% Kavalactones extract per tablets, equivalent to 1,400 mg of fresh Kava Kava root per tablet.

The reason I have decided to take Kava this morning is that based on my past experiences with Kava, I know Kava can alleviate all my stress and anxiety, which will make my daily errands much more pleasant.

Notably, my favorite Kava product in the past has always been extract paste, and I never had much luck with Kava capsules/pills.  However, these Kava tablets are one-of-a-kind and extremely powerful, and I believe they will work, but there is only one way to find out!

T + 0 (9:44 am) I open up the bottle and it has an incredibly pleasant Kava smell. This is definitely legit stuff. Also, the tablets have a beautiful yellow color similar to Kava paste.

I take 1 extract tablet, equivalent to 140 mg of Kavalactones. I will see how this first tablet effects me before taking any more. It smells just like it tastes, and it’s absolutely delicious for the one moment its in my mouth…. considering that, I probably could have let this tablet dissolve under my tongue, and perhaps if I take another tablet I will let it dissolve and absorb sublingually, since that will likely lead to stronger effects.

T + 4 I’m starting to feel floaty and energetic, with slight euphoria already beginning to ramp up.

T + 16 I have the most incredible feeling. All of my stress lifted away, and I am left feeling free as a bird. It’s like a heavy weight has been taken off of me.

This stuff is obviously incredibly therapeutic. I am so happy to be alive. I see the potential in everything, and the good in everything, and I smell the fresh air and see all the beauty around me, without worrying about the future.

I might have to make these Kava tablets part of my daily regimen. It’s clear they can add years to someone’s life considering how they eliminate all stress.

Also, I had no idea how stressed I was until all my stress just went away.

T + 24 One notable thing about this Kava is that it relieves all stress, but simultaneously there is zero sedation.

After this point the stress and anxiety relieving effects of the Kava Kava lasted for many hours. I was quite relaxed for the duration of the experience, but simultaneously I was not sedated, making these Kava tablets excellent for both daytime and nighttime use.

All things considered, I highly recommend these Kava Extract Tablets to relieve stress and anxiety. They relieve stress/anxiety far more effectively than any other ethnobotanical I have tried. Literally, it is incredible how they wipe away every last trace of stress, making a person feel completely free and happy.