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Kratom Ban Bill Proposed In Mississippi, Information Inside About How Kratom Warriors Can Prevent This Bill From Becoming Law

mississippi kratom ban

A Kratom ban bill has been proposed in Mississippi. Specifically, on January 8 Republican Senator Jeff Tate sponsored a bill which will add Kratom’s primary alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to the Schedule I category of drugs in Mississippi.

If this bill passes Kratom will have the same legal classification as Cocaine and Heroin in the state of Mississippi, turning all Mississippi Kratom users into criminals overnight. Further, the 3 million people who live in Mississippi will lose access to Kratom, leaving them with no alternative besides dangerous prescription medicines, and this would lead to an untold amount of suffering and death.

The good news is that this is just a proposed Kratom ban, and this bill has not yet been ratified into law, so Kratom Warriors have a chance to fight back and prevent this proposed ban from becoming an actual ban.

However, Mississippi has been infamously anti-Kratom, with multiple counties in Mississippi already declaring Kratom to be an illegal drug, and it will take vigorous efforts from Kratom warriors in order to keep Kratom legal in Mississippi.

One thing that Kratom Warriors can do to keep Kratom legal in Mississippi is to contact Senator Jeff Tate at this link, who is the person who sponsored this bill, and to tell him how Kratom has saved your life, and how banning Kratom would lead to death and suffering. Of course, be respectful when contacting him.

Further, Kratom Warriors should contact everyone in the Mississippi State Senate if they have time, which can be done at this link, since ultimately everyone in the Mississippi State Senate will be voting on this proposed Kratom ban.

Beyond that, Kratom Warriors can also contact everyone in the Mississippi House of Representatives, which can be done at this link, since if this Kratom ban passes the Senate, then the Mississippi House of Representatives will have to vote on it before it can become a law.

Also, the American Kratom Association will be leading an effort to keep Kratom legal in Mississippi, and Kratom Warriors should look for updates and calls to action regarding this situation on the American Kratom Association website.

On a final note, proposed Kratom bans like this happened in Hawaii, Missouri, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois, South Dakota, Louisiana, and Maryland during 2020, and all of those proposed bans were rejected before they could become law. Therefore, it is quite possible that this proposed ban in Mississippi will be overturned if Kratom Warriors fight as hard as they can to spread the truth about how Kratom saves lives.