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Kratom Can Effectively Combat Alcoholism According To Anecdotal Evidence And Scientific Studies

When I went to college I drank a ton of alcohol. It started with binge drinking, on the order of 10-20 drinks once every week. Then I began drinking from Friday through Sunday, and then I added Thirsty Thursdays and Toasty Tuesdays to my schedule. Eventually I was drinking every night of the week, and alcohol even began to creep into my day. I had become an alcoholic and the disease was rapidly worsening.

Probably the only reason that I am not an alcoholic today is Kratom. I discovered Kratom during my 2nd year of college, and found that it provided an extremely relaxing experience. I had no plans to discontinue drinking alcohol however, since alcohol was the centerpiece of my social life.

Within the first weeks of taking Kratom, alcohol had become far less enjoyable. The alcohol did not provide the same euphoria that it had before, in-fact there was barely any euphoria. Also, I no longer got ‘drunk’, even if I drank a lot of alcohol nothing interesting would happen. Further, if I drank alcohol within 6-12 hours of taking Kratom then I would get extremely nauseous and would usually vomit.

Within a month or two the anti-alcohol effects of Kratom conditioned me to not like alcohol anymore. I would get a bottle of my favorite beer and try to drink it but would only take a few sips. I would be at a big party and have no interest in drinking, I would just keep a drink in my hand to look sociable and try to sip it.

Eventually I could not even sip alcohol anymore, and soon after that I began to completely detest alcohol.

Essentially, Kratom had miraculously cured my alcoholism, even though I had no intention of stopping drinking and did not even know Kratom could do that.

There are scientific studies which back up my subjective experience. One study found that the primary Kratom alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, reduced alcohol intake in mice. Another study found that Kratom reduces alcohol induced dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens of the brain, reducing alcohol seeking behavior in mice.

In other words, it is proven that Kratom reduces the amount of pleasure molecules, i.e. dopamine, that is released when drinking alcohol. My own personal experience confirms this, with alcohol actually becoming completely non-euphoric for me.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 3.3 million people die from alcohol each year, which is over 9,000 deaths from alcohol each day. Alcohol primarily kills via drinking related injuries, digestive diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and infectious diseases.

Essentially, alcohol is worldwide pandemic that kills more people than HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and tuberculosis. Kratom on the other hand is incredibly safe, with zero confirmed deaths worldwide. The FDA has recorded 44 Kratom related deaths in the past decade, but 43 of these involved a mixture of other drugs, while the last case was not confirmed to be due to Kratom.

Considering how many people alcohol kills per day in addition to the life destroying effects of alcoholism, and the proven safety and anti-alcohol capabilities of Kratom, people who currently drink should consider taking Kratom instead. Indeed, Kratom could potentially save the lives of untold millions of alcoholics.