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Kratom Contains Much More Than Just Alkaloids: According To A New Scientific Study Kratom Contains Medicinal Flavonoids, Tannins, And Phenolic Compounds

Basically all scientific research to-date regarding Kratom’s medicinal benefits focuses on Kratom’s alkaloids. Indeed, it has been found that Kratom’s 50+ alkaloids collectively have a wide array of important medicinal benefits. Further, research on Kratom’s alkaloids is just beginning, and undoubtedly many more medicinal benefits will be discovered.

However, a new scientific study has come out which has discovered that not only does Kratom have medicinal alkaloids, but also it contains medicinal Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Tannins.

This new scientific study is titled “TOTAL PHENOLIC COMPOUND CONTENT ANALYSIS,TOTAL FLAVONOID AND TOTAL TANIN FROM EXTRACT KRATOM STEM ( Mitragyna speciosa Korth.) WITH UV-VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETRY METHOD“. Notably, this scientific study is written in Indonesian, but it is easy to translate via uploading it to Google Translator.

The goal of this study was to ascertain the levels Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Tannins in Kratom. This is important because Flavonoids have anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-pyretic properties, while Tannins have anti-diarrheal and anti-bacterial properties, and Phenolic Compounds act as anti-oxidants, and are known to have efficacy for prevention and treatment of degenerative disc disease, cancer, premature aging, and immune system disorders.

It was found that Kratom stems contain 23.59 mg/gram of Phenolic Compounds, 10.65 mg/gram of Flavonoids, and 17.99 mg/gram of Tannins. Although the scientists only measured the content of Kratom stems in this study, the scientists say that these beneficial compounds are found all throughout the Kratom plant, including the leaves.

Thus, this study has proven that Kratom contains significant concentrations of highly medicinal Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Tannins. The next step is to isolate which exact Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Tannins are in Kratom in order to better understand Kratom’s health benefits.  Basically, much like alkaloids, there are many different types of Phenolic Compounds, Flavonoids, and Tannins, each with their own unique medicinal benefits and effects.

Overall, this study highlights how research into Kratom’s medicinal benefits has just scratched the surface thus far, and future research will likely reveal many more Kratom benefits, since ultimately Kratom likely contains hundreds of medicinal biochemicals across the Alkaloid, Phenolic Compound, Flavonoid, and Tannin groups.