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Big Pharma's Global War Against Kratom Has Caused Kratom To Be Banned For 2.474 Billion People Across Dozens Of Countries

The war on Kratom is not confined to the United States. Indeed, Big Pharma dominates the health industry in every country on the planet, and likewise Big Pharma has lots of power in every country on the planet. Unfortunately, no matter which country Big Pharma is in, they are trying to get Kratom banned, since they perceive that Kratom is a threat to their profits.

Basically, Kratom is widely used as an alternative to prescription medications for a wide range of conditions including chronic pain, drug addiction, and mental health issues, and every person who uses Kratom instead of prescription medications leads to less profits for Big Pharma. Therefore, Big Pharma’s response is to simply get Kratom banned wherever possible in order to force people to use prescription medications.

Tragically, in many countries Big Pharma has already succeeded in getting Kratom banned, and in-fact 2.474 billion people, which is 32% of the world’s population, live in regions where Kratom is illegal, leading to an untold amount of suffering and death in exchange for slightly increasing Big Pharma’s already insane profit levels.

The rest of this article provides exact statistics on how many people live in places where Kratom is banned in order to illustrate the severe magnitude of the worldwide attack on Kratom’s legality by Big Pharma.

23.8 Million Americans Cannot Use Kratom Due To Big Pharma’s Greed

First off, a previous article on The Kratom Herald meticulously analyzed the worldwide legal situation of Kratom, and formulated a map of the countries where Kratom is banned, and the statistics in this article are derived from that map.

Unfortunately, even in the United States tens of millions of people live in places where Kratom is banned, exacerbating the opioid crisis in our country. Specifically, all six states where Kratom is banned, as well as the cities of San Diego California and Sarasota Florida where Kratom is also banned, have a collective population of 23.8 million people.

Since the population of the United States is roughly 330 million, this means that just over 7% of Americans live in places where Kratom is illegal. It is truly nonsensical and evil that the legislators and regulators which represent this 7% of Americans have sided with Big Pharma, ignored the real science, and deprived their constituents of the only safe and effective alternative to synthetic opioids and opiates, and hopefully one day these absurd bans will be overturned.

Although the statistic that 23.8 million Americans live in places where Kratom is illegal is shocking and tragic, the statistics for the rest of the world are much worse.

Big Pharma’s Greed Has Caused Kratom To Be Banned In Dozens Of Countries Worldwide

Breaking the stats down by continent, in South America Kratom is banned in Argentina, a country of 45.5 million people. In Oceania Kratom is banned in both Australia and New Zealand, which have a collective population of 30 million people. In the Middle East Kratom is banned in Turkey, Israel, and the UAE which have a collective population of 101 million people.

Kratom is banned in Russia, which has a population of 144.5 million people and is the largest country by landmass size in the world. Likewise, China which is the largest country by population with a total of 1.44 billion people, also doesn’t allow Kratom.

Elsewhere across Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea have banned Kratom, and these countries collectively have a population of 364 million people.

In Europe numerous countries have banned Kratom with a collective population of 326 million people.

Adding all of these numbers up, 2.474 billion people worldwide live in places where Kratom is banned. To put this in perspective, this is 7.5X the amount of people that live in the entire United States.

Since the total world population is 7.8 billion people, this means that roughly 32% of all of the people in the world live in a place where Kratom is banned.

1 Out Of 3 People On Planet Earth Have Been Deprived Of The Human Right To Use Kratom

Considering the global opioid/drug pandemic, in addition to the fact that a large fraction of all of the people in the world are struggling with serious chronic pain and mental health issues, it is absolutely tragic that 1 out of 3 of the people on this planet have been deprived of their right to use a plant that has been proven to be extremely helpful for managing chronic pain, drug dependence, and mental health issues. There is no doubt that if Kratom was legal for these 2.474 billion people, a vast amount of death and suffering could be avoided.

Zooming out, the fact that Kratom is banned for 2.474 billion people truly illustrates the tremendous global power that Big Pharma has, and how dire the war against Kratom has already become. Considering this, at no point should Kratom Warriors be lulled into thinking that the war against Kratom has quieted down, since the reality is that Big Pharma is aggressively wiping Kratom out country by country, and it will take extreme efforts to stop Big Pharma from getting Kratom banned in the United States.