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Kratom (KRA): The First Kratom-Backed Cryptocurrency & World's First Online Kratom Exchange

Kratom (KRA)

Kratom (KRA) is a brand new cryptocurrency which has launched today, and it’s official website can be found at This new crypto has set many milestones already. Kratom (KRA) is the first Kratom-related cryptocurrency, Kratom (KRA) is the first Kratom-backed cryptocurrency, and Kratom (KRA) establishes the first Kratom exchange in world history.

Kratom (KRA) is a BEP-20 token which runs on the Binance Smart Chain, and each token is backed by a gram of premium Kratom held in Amazing Botanicals‘ warehouses, which is a major and highly reputable Kratom vendor. Further, Kratom (KRA) can be redeemed for physical Kratom on, simply by selecting the Kratom (KRA) payment option at checkout.

Essentially, Kratom (KRA) token transforms Kratom into a digital currency that can be sent anywhere in the world instantly and securely, and anyone can redeem Kratom (KRA) tokens for actual Kratom.

Even more importantly, up until now there has never been an exchange where Kratom can be traded, despite the fact that Kratom is a billions of dollars per year industry with tens of millions of users worldwide. Every other commodity like gold, oil, wheat, and corn have exchanges where they are traded, but Kratom doesn’t.

Since Kratom (KRA) can be traded on PancakeSwap, which is a highly popular decentralized exchange with hundreds of millions of dollars of trading volume per day, this establishes the world’s first Kratom exchange. Via trading Kratom (KRA) on PancakeSwap, people can speculate on the future price of Kratom.

For example, if someone buys Kratom (KRA) at $0.075 each (equivalent to $75/kilo), and then there is a major supply disruption like Indonesia banning Kratom, then the price of Kratom may rise to hundreds of dollars per kilo or even $1,000 kilo. In this scenario, if you had bought 1,000 Kratom (KRA) at $0.075 each, you can then sell them for $1,000 and make a $925 profit. Alternatively, you could simply redeem a kilo of Kratom from AmazingBotanicals with the tokens, and effectively pay $75 even if a kilo costs $1,000 at that time.

This is just one example, and there are many different ways to make money on an exchange. Indeed, since the price of Kratom (KRA) is constantly fluctuating as seen on this chart, opportunities abound to make money trading.

The truly groundbreaking thing is that Kratom (KRA) token establishes an exchange for Kratom, which is something that has never existed before, and this exchange can be incredibly useful for the Kratom industry and Kratom users.

On a final note, Kratom (KRA) is running a launch special where each token costs just $0.05, equivalent to $50/kilo. Since the typical lowest price for kilos on is $75, this means you can get a massive discount just by paying with Kratom (KRA) for your order.

That being said, the launch special won’t last long, since the price of Kratom (KRA) will naturally rise from $50 to $75 and beyond as demand for the token increases. Don’t miss out, head over to!