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Kratom Legalization Bill Passed By Thailand Senate, Bringing Hope That Thailand Will Become A Major Global Supplier Of Kratom

The initiative to legalize Kratom in Thailand is gaining steam. A month ago the Kratom legalization bill was passed by the Thailand House, and now the bill has been passed by the Senate. Apparently the only steps left for this bill to become law are that it needs to be forwarded to the House Speaker, who will then forward it to the Cabinet, and from there the Bill will be sent to the King of Thailand for final approval.

It is of course not set in stone that this bill will become law, but it does seem that this bill has gotten past the hardest legislative hurdles, and that it will likely be approved by the King of Thailand, and once that happens it will officially become law 90 days later.

Most importantly, it seems this Kratom legalization bill is paving the way for Thailand to become a global supplier of Kratom. Specifically, Justice Minister Somsak Thepsutin has declared that he supports Kratom becoming an economic plant, i.e. he supports the commercial-scale harvesting and exporting of Kratom.

This is a big deal, since Indonesia is still on track to ban Kratom at the beginning of 2022. If that happens it would cut off 99% of the world’s Kratom supply.

However, if the Kratom legalization bill in Thailand becomes law in a few months, then that will help offset the loss of Indonesia’s supply.

That being said, it would not be an ideal situation since it would take years to properly develop Thailand’s Kratom farms and supply routes, and until then the amount of Kratom being exported from Thailand will be relatively small compared to Indonesia, likely leading to extremely elevated Kratom prices. However, at least there would be a global source of fresh Kratom, guaranteeing that Kratom would not completely run out.

Thus, the Kratom legalization bill in Thailand is on track to becoming law in the next several months, and this is bringing hope to the global Kratom industry.