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Kratom Saved My Life, And That Is Why I Fight To Keep Kratom Legal; I'm Not Competing With The AKA, Nor Do I Write For Profit, I Only Aim To Expose The Truth To Help Keep Kratom Legal

I recently posted a couple of articles about how the American Kratom Association’s spokesperson, Mac Haddow, owns a lobbying firm called Upstream Consulting which has several Big Pharma clients, in addition to working for the Natural Products Association (NPA), an organization which has been aggressively anti-Kratom. Literally Haddow’s company Upstream Consulting has received $380,000 from the extremely anti-Kratom NPA in just the past 4 years, and this is obviously highly concerning, since it suggests the AKA is in the pocket of anti-Kratom forces. Another article focuses on how Haddow played a major role in getting the DSHEA passed, which is the same law that the FDA is leveraging to seize Kratom imports and raid Kratom vendors.

Since these articles quickly spread through the Kratom community, the AKA issued a statement saying that I am attacking the AKA, that I am anti-Kratom, and that I am not speaking the truth. The AKA also alleges that I am trying to make money from this, via a 600 page book I wrote to help keep Kratom legal. It’s funny that they say I’m angling to make money on a book which is 100% free. I am asking for donations to send physical copies of the book to government officials, since a physical book has more power than a 600 page PDF file sent to a government official’s email. Further, no one has donated yet, and The Kratom Federation has never raised any money.

I literally wrote this 600 page book without being paid, and I will never earn profit from it. I wrote this 600 page book only due to my vigorous passion to keep Kratom legal. I also never intended to compete with the AKA, I have no interest in being a lobbyist.

Also notably, I was not even the one who had the ideas for these past couple of articles. Literally, other members of the Kratom community discovered Haddow’s connections with Big Pharma, the NPA, and the DSHEA, and they urged me to write these articles to expose the truth. I agreed, since I believe it is very important for the Kratom community to know the true nature of the AKA.

Therefore, the AKA is just shooting the messenger in this case.

Furthermore, the AKA calls my articles distorted, inaccurate, etc. I was very careful to write the articles based on publicly available hard-evidence. I only want to put the truth out there, since I have no other agenda besides keeping Kratom legal.

Before I end this article I will tell my life story, so people will understand why I do what I do.

Kratom saved my life not just once, but twice. When I went to college I became an extreme alcoholic, and I drank 10, 20, 30 drinks per day. At that point alcohol had not completely destroyed my life, and I wasn’t planning on stopping, but I discovered Kratom and began taking it, and automatically I stopped drinking. If I didn’t discover Kratom, I probably would have been a burn-out alcoholic like most everyone else at the university I went to.

That first time Kratom saved my life pales in comparison to the 2nd time. My mom died from Cancer, and I became extremely depressed and crazy. I was thrown in mental hospitals so many times I can’t even count the number of incidents, and I was using lots of substances to deal with my grief. Nothing was working, and I was locked into a spiral that was quickly going to kill me.

I then began taking Kratom again, and I stopped using any drugs/alcohol, and I was able to get off the brain-destroying psych meds too.

Literally, without Kratom I’d definitely be dead. Furthermore, due to what I’ve been through, I have a fiery passion to make sure the evil forces of Big Pharma never ban Kratom, since I know that millions of Americans would have their lives destroyed and die if Kratom is banned.

Thus, I only write the articles I do, and the book, in order to keep Kratom legal. I don’t make money from this, it’s just my passion. There is no one that is more pro-Kratom than me, but of course numerous people that are equally pro-Kratom, and if the AKA classifies me as an enemy, then something is very wrong with the AKA.

On a final note, I was just very disturbed by the AKA’s Big Pharma and NPA connections, and I sense that this situation threatens Kratom’s legality, which is why I posted the articles. The articles were completely based on hard-evidence, and my only intention is to make the community aware about the truth of the situation, so that action can be taken to rectify the situation before Kratom ends up getting banned due to a lack of a true pro-Kratom advocacy organization.