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Kratom Victory: The Mississippi Kratom Ban Bill Has Died After Vigorous Action From Kratom Advocates

About a month ago a Kratom ban bill was proposed in Mississippi. If this bill would have become law it would have been devastating. Basically, Kratom would have been declared a Schedule I drug, turning Kratom users into criminals overnight, and the 3 million Americans who live in Mississippi would have been deprived of the only safe and effective alternative to synthetic opioids/opiates, leading to an untold amount of suffering and death.

The good news is that the Mississippi Kratom ban bill has died, and therefore Kratom’s legality is not being threatened in Mississippi, at least for now.

Specifically, when the bill was first introduced on January 8 it was referred to the Drug Policy Committee, and that committee decided to axe the bill on February 2nd.

It is important to note that this did not happen by magic. Rather, the Kratom community vigorously called and emailed legislative representatives in Mississippi in order to educate these representatives about how Kratom saves lives.

Further, the American Kratom Association introduced the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) in the Mississippi Senate only a week after the ban bill was introduced on January 15, and likewise another KCPA bill was introduced into the Mississippi House on January 18.

Notably, both of these KCPA bills were sent to the Drug Policy Committee, which is the same committee that was handling the Kratom ban bill, giving the American Kratom Association and Kratom advocates a chance to set the record straight and convince the Drug Policy Committee that Kratom saves lives.

Ultimately the KCPA bills failed in both the Mississippi House and Senate, but these bills cannot be considered a failure, since it is clear that these KCPA bills played a pivotal role in killing the Kratom ban bill.

Therefore, this saga has proven the efficacy of the KCPA as an anti-Kratom ban weapon, since in this case KCPA bills stopped a Kratom ban bill in its tracks.

On a final note, it is a highly optimistic sign that the Mississippi Kratom ban bill has been eliminated. Many more threats to Kratom are likely to pop up this year, but it is clear that Kratom advocates have what it takes to stop ban bills before they become law.