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Mitragyna Speciosa News And Information A Censorship-Free Kratom & Ethnobotanicals Forum Where Users Earn Free Kratom For Every Post They Make is a one of a kind Kratom and Ethnobotanicals forum that has just launched. What makes Kratomtopia unique and incredibly interesting is that it is censorship-free, unlike Kratom groups based on social media platforms which are heavily censored. This means that members of Kratomtopia can discuss anything about Kratom, as well as anything about Hemp/CBD/Cannabis and the thousands of other Ethnobotanicals which exist, without any fear that their posts will be censored.

Even better, Kratomtopia gives free Kratom to its users

Literally Kratomtopia rewards its users with 1 gram of highly potent Kratom powder for each new post/topic. Additionally, users receive 0.1 grams of Kratom for each like that they receive on their posts/topics. Also, users receive 10 grams of Kratom immediately upon registering, which you can do at this link.

Once a user has accumulated enough Grams in their account, they can redeem a 30 g, 100 g, 250 g, or 1,000 g bag of highly potent Kratom at this link, and they can choose either Red Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Thai, or Yellow Vietnam. All orders in the USA come with free shipping as well, so the Kratom is truly free, with no money required at all.

Zooming back out to the reason that Kratomtopia is needed, essentially censorship against Kratom and other natural herbs has reached unprecedented levels, and unfortunately most Kratom discussion groups are based on social media platforms and are being heavily censored. In-fact, it is becoming common for Kratom groups that have thousands of users and have been around for years to suddenly be deleted overnight.

Therefore, a place is needed where Kratom users can exercise their freedom of speech and spread the truth about Kratom, and that is what Kratomtopia is designed for. Indeed, Kratomtopia is outside of all social media networks and therefore cannot be deleted or censored by tech giants.

Further, this is truly a life and death situation. It is clear that there is a global Big Pharma conspiracy to get the world sick and addicted, and they are doing this in order to gain tremendous amounts of power and money.

On the other hand Kratom saves lives and cures numerous ailments, and in-fact numerous Kratom users don’t even need prescription medicines or doctors to be healthy, and this is in direct opposition to what Big Pharma is trying to accomplish.

Due to this clash, Big Pharma is taking increasingly aggressive efforts to censor and suppress Kratom, which is why Kratom content is being deleted and censored from social media at an accelerating rate. Likewise, Big Pharma is doing this to all other beneficial ethnobotanicals as well.

Thus, a censorship-free place like Kratomtopia where the truth about Kratom and Ethnobotanicals can be freely discussed and spread is something the world desperately needs. Not only that, Kratomtopia is akin to a safe harbor in a violent storm, i.e. a place where all Kratom and Ethnobotanical enthusiasts can amass and organize.

Considering all of that, and the fact that users get free Kratom just for posting, The Kratom Herald strongly endorses Kratomtopia.