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Lafayette County In Mississippi Has Just Banned Kratom; Statewide Mississippi Kratom Ban Still Looming

Lafayette County Mississippi, which has a population of 55,000 people, has just banned Kratom. Specifically, anyone who uses, purchases, possesses, distributes, or sells Kratom in Lafayette County will face a fine of $1,000 and up to 6 months in jail.

The Sheriff Department of Lafayette County is apparently behind the ban, with Sheriff Joey East declaring “A review of the scientific literature and the reports of law enforcement and health officials reveals that the effects of these substances are a health concern to the citizens of Lafayette County.”

Not only that, but Kratom was declared to be such an ’emergency’ that the typical 30 day window for reviewing county ordinances was bypassed for this Kratom ban, giving Kratom advocates no chance to stop the ban.

Essentially, the Sheriff Department in Lafayette County is overstepping its boundaries and trying to claim that it is a scientific authority, and that it has made this decision based on the collective scientific literature on Kratom. However, this is quite hypocritical since there is an abundance of scientific studies which have proven that Kratom is safe, effective, and has never caused a death in history. Also, scientific research is certainly beyond the jurisdiction of any Sheriff Department. 

Therefore, when the Lafayette County Sheriff Department says they have reviewed the scientific literature on Kratom, what they are really saying is that they’ve read the FDA/Big Pharma misinformation on Kratom, and have decided to push Big Pharma’s agenda.

Zooming out, what just happened in Lafayette County is an ominous sign for the rest of the United States. The FDA and Big Pharma are working overtime to get Kratom banned, in order to force Americans to use prescription drugs instead of Kratom.

Unfortunately, there are signs that the FDA/Big Pharma are succeeding with their evil mission to ban Kratom, and it is likely that many state Kratom bans will be proposed in the coming months. In-fact, Mississippi has already proposed a statewide Kratom ban.

Further, the American Kratom Association has stated that the DEA is considering scheduling Kratom as an illegal drug, so even a national ban is possible.

Thus, Lafayette County Mississippi has tragically banned Kratom, forcing the 55,000 Americans which live there to use much more dangerous and deadly prescription drugs for chronic pain, drug dependence, and mental health issues instead of a completely safe plant.

Simultaneously, Lafayette County may just be the first domino to fall in what could be a much bigger tragedy, God forbid. Indeed, the way in which Kratom was banned in Lafayette County, with misinformation guiding the legislative process, the due process of law being bypassed, and Kratom advocates being given no chance to fight back, is a sign of what is likely to come since government power is at all-time highs and people’s rights are at all-time lows during this Coronavirus era.