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Lucky 80 Chewable Kratom Extract Tablets Experience Report

lucky 80 kratom tablets

This article describes the minute by minute experience when taking Lucky 80 Kratom Extract Tablets, which can be obtained from NuWave Botanicals. These tablets are extremely potent and they each contain 75 mg of an 80% Mitragynine extract, which is equivalent to 60 mg of Mitragynine per tablet. I will be taking two tablets, which is a very strong dose.

Notably, these tablets are quite similar to the Lucky 80 Kratom Capsules that I previously reviewed on The Kratom Herald, with the only difference being that these are chewable tablets, which maximizes absorption and theoretically leads to faster-acting effects.

T + 0 I open the container and take out one of the tablets, which has an ace of spades and a horse shoe printed on it, and I’m feeling lucky already.

I chew up the tablet, and the flavor is a combination of sweetness and Kratom bitterness, and overall a decent flavor for a Kratom product. I quickly take the other tablet, which is a total dose of 120 mg of Mitragynine, equivalent to 8-12 grams of Kratom leaf.

T + 5 Light euphoria is already setting in, combined with a very relaxing feeling. This extract is indeed very fast acting.

T + 30 Strong warm and analgesic effects have kicked in very suddenly.

T + 40 Feeling really euphoric as I eat breakfast.

T + 55 Finishing eating breakfast and feeling extremely content. Strong analgesia too, all my regular aches and pains are gone.

T + 85 Although this experience has mostly been defined by intense relaxation, there’s more energy becoming apparent now, and I’ve become very talkative and articulate.

T + 110 The energetic effects lasted for roughly half an hour, but suddenly the experience has shifted towards strong sedation. I have to lay down and take a nap.

After this point I took a nap for 2-3 hours, and before I went to sleep I remember feeling intense relaxation and analgesia.

The most notable aspect was that strong Kratom effects continued for another couple of hours even after I woke up, roughly 6 hours after I took the two tablets. Further, I remained very relaxed for the entire rest of the day.

Therefore, these Lucky 80 Chewable Kratom Extracts are not only very fast acting, but also very long lasting. Overall, this is an extremely potent product, with powerful analgesia, relaxation, and sedation, and I highly recommend this to any Kratom user who wants a maximum-level Kratom experience.