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Lucky 80 Kratom Extract Capsules Experience Report

Lucky 80 Kratom

Today I will be taking Lucky 80 Kratom extract capsules and describing the minute by minute experience. These capsules were obtained from Nu Wave Botanicals, and this is one of the most potent Kratom extracts that exists since each capsule contains 75 mg of 80% Mitragynine extract powder, which translates to 60 mg of Mitragynine and 0.1 mg of 7-hydroxymitragynine per capsule.

To put things in perspective, Kratom typically has 10-15 mg of Mitragynine per gram, so in a dose of 10 grams of Kratom there is 100-150 mg of Mitragynine. That being said, the Mitragynine in Kratom extract products is already extracted and doesn’t need to be digested, meaning the Mitragynine is released instantly rather than taking hours to be digested and absorbed like with regular leaf powder.

Therefore, although the 120 mg of Mitragynine in two capsules of Lucky 80 is equivalent to roughly 10 grams of Kratom leaf, the effects could be quite a bit stronger than regular Kratom leaf.

I am going to go ahead and take two capsules however, since I want to feel the strongest effects that Lucky 80 has to offer in order to properly document just how powerful this extract really is.

3:27 PM I take two capsules of Lucky 80. Notably, the extract powder inside the capsules is quite yellow, somewhat similar to the color of OPMS Gold, but different.

3:34 PM First hint of the effects rolling through, felt a shift in perception, followed by a growing feeling of opioid warmth.

3:38 PM Effects are increasing. A slight intoxicated feeling of sorts, which indicates to me that this will be an extremely powerful experience, since only the strongest Kratom extracts cause this effect so early in the experience.

3:43 PM Listening to music is really awesome right now, and highly motivated to work. A very warm feeling has spread across my entire body, like I’m wrapped in a really comfy blanket. This is distinctly different than the opioid effects caused by regular Kratom leaf.

3:50 PM A powerfully euphoric state is descending upon me, along with a complete perception shift, where the entire world seems nicer and calmer. It’s hard to put it into words.

4:17 PM I’ve been writing an article, and starting to feel very sedated. I will have to lay down.

4:51 PM Just very strong Kratom feelings, and very sedated. Some business came up so I couldn’t lay down yet, but really need to lay down.

9 PM I laid down for a couple of hours, and got a really incredible nap. There was total analgesia and full relaxation. I then got up and have been feeling amazing since then, with lots of euphoria and a feeling of relaxation comparable to the feeling you get after swimming in the ocean all day.

Overall, this is an extremely powerful Kratom extract, and very long lasting. 1 capsule is probably the way to go for the daytime, and I bet the experience would have been a lot more energizing if I just took 1 capsule. That being said 2 capsules is good too, but it will most definitely lead to lots of sedation and a very long nap, which is perfect for stress relief and pain relief. Ultimately, this is an incredibly convenient way to take Kratom, since just 1 or 2 capsules is all that’s needed, unlike regular Kratom powder which can require 10-20 capsules. Also, the analgesic effects of Lucky 80 are definitely stronger than the maximum possible analgesia of regular Kratom powder.