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Major Kratom Victory: Kratom Ban Bills In Hawaii And South Dakota Struck Down, KCPA Bill Passes In Missouri House

Yesterday The Kratom Herald discussed how the Oregon House of Representatives passed a bill which aimed to regulate the Kratom industry rather than ban Kratom, and paved the way for the full passage of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) in the near future. Apparently that was only the beginning of a very positive day for Kratom. The American Kratom Association has announced that proposed Kratom bans in Hawaii and South Dakota have been struck down, and the Missouri House of Representatives passed the KCPA.

In Hawaii the proponents of the Kratom ban bill, who were previously misled by misinformation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), indicated that they were highly interested in the KCPA and agreed to not purse a Kratom ban, and ultimately the bill died in committee. Apparently Hawaii will instead pass the KCPA during the next legislative session based on early indications. If the KCPA is ultimately passed in Hawaii it will ensure that Hawaiians who need Kratom continue to have access to it, and simultaneously any Kratom sold in Hawaii will be 100% pure and free of any contaminants or adulterants.

In South Dakota the House Committee on Health and Human Services unanimously voted to send the Kratom ban bill to legislative purgatory, via scheduling the bill to be heard on the 41st day of the legislative session when there are only 40 days in the session, meaning it will automatically be nullified when the legislative session ends. Apparently the bill sponsor, Representative Perry, was repeating FDA Kratom misinformation point by point, and tried to interject a do pass motion which would send the bill to the House floor, but this motion failed after a 10-2 vote against it.

Ultimately, the South Dakota Kratom ban bill was defeated by the aggressive efforts of the American Kratom Association, who invalidated the FDA misinformation with science, in addition to the testimony of Kratom users who sent hundreds of emails to Committee members explaining how Kratom has helped their life.

In the Missouri House the KCPA bill was passed by an overwhelming 139-6 vote, which is a miracle considering that there was stiff resistance in Missouri due to FDA misinformation. Ultimately, sound science and the testimony of Kratom users won out over bad science and FDA misinformation.

The Missouri KCPA bill, HB 2061, requires factual labeling of Kratom products, bans Kratom that is adulterated with any non-Kratom substance, bans Kratom that is contaminated, bans Kratom products with an alkaloid fraction of 7-hydroxymitragynine above 2%, bans Kratom products containing synthetically made alkaloids, requires Kratom products to show the content of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine on the label, bans the sale of Kratom to minors under the age of 18, and establishes financial and criminal penalties for violations of these rules.

Therefore, the KCPA in Missouri will ensure that Kratom users receive pure, natural, unadulterated, and uncontaminated Kratom. Notably, this bill still needs to pass in the Missouri Senate before it becomes law.

Thus, the combined efforts of the American Kratom Association and Kratom Warriors, i.e. Kratom users who speak up in defense of Kratom, has led to a major string of victories over the past day in Oregon, Hawaii, South Dakota, and Missouri, collectively ensuring that 12.6 million Americans will continue having access to Kratom. Literally, the victories yesterday will save lives, since the 12.6 million Americans in those states will continue to have an alternative to life destroying synthetic opioids and opiates.

The American Kratom Association has clearly proven it has a winning strategy when it comes to defending Kratom. Further, without the efforts of the American Kratom Association, all of the victories yesterday could have easily been bans instead. Therefore, it is important that the Kratom community continues to support the American Kratom Association, especially since it costs tremendous amounts of money to pay for the lawyers, professional advocates, and travel costs needed to defend Kratom. You can donate to the American Kratom Association at this link. Every dollar helps to ensure that Kratom will remain legal long term.