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Maryland Senate Proposes Law Which Will Ban Kratom, But The Community Can Stop It Before It Is Passed

The Maryland Senate has proposed bill SB147, which will ban Kratom and its primary alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. That being said, the Kratom community has a chance to stop this bill in its tracks. First off, the bill has not yet passed in the Maryland Senate, and even if it does it will have to pass in the opposite chamber and then be signed by the Governor, so there are numerous steps left before this bill becomes law.

More importantly, when the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was about to declare Kratom a Schedule I illegal substance, the Kratom community took on the federal government and won, as covered in the documentary ‘A Leaf of Faith‘. Therefore, the Kratom community can certainly make a stand and win in Maryland.

The American Kratom Association has posted a call to action, with some direct things that Maryland citizens and the Kratom community can do in general to prevent Kratom from being banned in Maryland. First, the American Kratom Association has set up a form that can be used to send an e-mail directly to all the Maryland Judiciary Committee members. The more people that use this form to send an e-mail, the less likely it is that Kratom will be banned in Maryland.

Secondly, the Maryland Judiciary Committee members can be directly reached via phone individually. Of course, be respectful when calling, and it would be best to describe your personal reasons that you think Kratom needs to remain legal and how Kratom has helped your life, although talking about the general issue that Kratom is the only alternative to deadly opiates and synthetic opioids is good as well.

Here are the phone numbers: Sen. Will Smith – 410-841-3634, Sen. Bob Cassilly – (410) 841-3158, Sen. Chris West – (410) 841-3648, Sen. Justin Ready – (410) 841-3683, Sen. Mary Washington – (410) 841-3145, Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher – (410) 841-3137, Sen. Jill Carter – (410) 841-3697, Sen. Susan Lee – (410) 841-3124, Sen. Katie Hester – (410) 841-3671, Sen. Michael Hough – (410) 841-3704

Perhaps the most important Judiciary Committee member to call is the bill sponsor: Sen. Ronald Young – (410) 841-3575

The outpouring from Maryland Kratom users is already tremendous, with 131 comments on the page for bill SB147. Of course, the more comments the better, so please post a comment at this link.

Here are just some of the numerous comments describing how Kratom has helped the lives of Maryland citizens.

“I was in a car accident where I broke all 5 of my lumbar vertebrae in 2010. I have been in serious pain ever since and have only deteriorated since then. I have had 2 spinal fusions, epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and more. Nothing has worked. Opioids have been demonized and I was treated like a drug addict by doctors and pharmacists. 5 years ago I had enough and started researching alternatives. I found kratom, and have used it daily with no side effects ever since. Because of kratom, I am able to work part time to contribute to my family. Please do not take this away from us. You will be leaving me with no other options!”

“Kratom is not a dangerous substance as you’re leading everyone to believe. On the contrary, it’s saved many many lives. This plant has been pivotal in my management of Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. For others, it has saved them from addiction. Please please educate yourselves. I welcome you to come into our community and spend a day in the life of one of us. It would open your eyes beyond belief. We are your teachers, your nurses, your nannies, your Uber drivers, your chef of that delicious meal you enjoyed last night.. We are normal people all around you! To ban this plant is to say that we are not worthy of a quality of life. Do your research and follow the science. And when you do that you will learn that kratom isn’t any more addicting or dangerous than your daily trip to Starbucks.”

“I have been safely consuming kratom for 9 years now and I am happy and healthy! I suffer from RA, fibromyalgia and lupus and kratom let’s me ENJOY life WITHOUT any of the harmful side effects of opiates! Kratom helps me live my life without pain, fatigue and most of all depression!! I am a nurse and I have helped many of my patients get off opiates and make the switch to kratom. We as Americans should have the choice to choose plants over pills and not be victimized by the LIES being spread about kratom!”

“As a stage IIIc cancer survivor with multiple surgeries I have been in chronic pain since 2009 and relied on opioid pain medication to relieve my continuing pain. I have had many many side effects from those medicines. I discovered Kratom about three years ago and it has been a Godsend. I am no longer dependent on opioids and have days that I actually have some energy and even days relatively pain free. I try to use natural products as much as possible and not put any unnecessary chemicals in my body. Please keep this plant available for those of us who don’t want to continue perpetuating the opioid crisis.”

“Kratom is saving lives. It has been responnsibly used by pain sufferers for years. I am a disabled truck driver. Almost 4 years ago, at 36 years old, I was nearly 100 percent bedridden. I could not stand up straight and walking was a job in itself. I cannot take chemicals- FDA approved pharmaceuticals make me ill. And I refused the addictions and harms of it. A friend told me of kratom. I researched and read for over a month. My very first dose was like a miracle!! I have a degenerstive muscular disease, degenerative disc disease, copd, chronic pain, chronic bronchitis and hep c. Since taking kratom, I take no other medications!! I take vitamins and supplements. And I am managing my pain- and my life again. If you ban kratom, you will essentially have my blood on your hands as I will die before going back to the pain filled misery I called life before kratom. This PLANT- part of the tea and coffee family has been proven effective ajd safer than MANY pharmaceutical. We should have the right to choose what we put into our bodies. Please, if you must regulate- enact the KRATOM CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT. First and foremost- #FollowTheScience”

“As someone who has dealt with addiction and has Tourette’s Syndrome this Plant has greatly helped me like nothing else has. It has allowed me to live a normal life and raise 4 kids. There is no proof Kratom has caused a single death! Everyone of those deaths have been proven by science not to be from Kratom. You might as well ban everything else in these 44 deaths too. Alcohol is way worse and yet not banned. Why don’t you have Kratom success stories be what determines how you regulate or not regulate this Plant? I’ve taken Kratom for years and NO SIDE EFFECTS! The only affect is being able to live a normal life! Kratoms succes stories are in the Millions!! Why not listen to us and not the Drug companies or people with a stake in drug companies like Scott Golibe. It saves lives ! It helps families and is not in the slightest Harmful!”

“I am a 50 year old woman who lives in Maryland. I have lived here for 40 years and love my state. I had spent pretty much every day for ten years bedbound, writhing in pain. The doctors had me on fentynl patches, oxycodone, gabapentin, ativan, sleep meds, energy meds, antidepressants…and those were just the ones that worked. I tried everything! Three years ago I discovered Kratom and it has changed my life. I have replaced all of those dangerous and addictive prescriptions with this one amazing supplement! My liver counts are better, inflammation markers are better! My brain is clearer and I am happier. I was able to actually dance with my daughter at her wedding last year. I am able to cook my teenage son dinner. I am working two jobs now after 10 years of disability. I am now living a productive life where I am able to work, paint, garden…I don’t know what I will do if they ban Kratom. I can’t return to a life of chronic pain. There are millions of people in chronic pain that have no other alternative. I implore you to look into the science! There have been 5 deaths due to opiate overdoses in Anne Arundel County so far and we are only two weeks into this year! We can do better Maryland and Kratom is a vital part of helping to solve opiate addiction!”

“I’m 51.. been taking Kratom almost daily for over 5 yrs now. I was on my way to getting disability for Spinal Stenosis and diabetic neuropathy! When a friend told me about Kratom I did research.. I joined every group I could to learn more about it. I was skeptical at first but then after trying for about a week I found Kratom helped my symptoms and I was actually able to continue working the job I love so much. Every 3 months I get blood work done and my labs are always great. A little high cholesterol but we can’t win them all lol.. seriously tho. You gotta be your own teacher! Look for the good and not just at the bad. It definitely can cause some constipation but from some who had irritable bowel syndrome I welcomed it! Kratom may not be for everyone but it definitely should be a choice made by consumers and not big pharmaceutical companies who are surely influencing the fda! There’s so many really bad drugs out there killing people and tearing families apart! Kratom isn’t one of them. Kratom saves lives.. saves families and saved me! #IAmKratom #OneLove 🌱💗🌱

“This plant is not deadly as others (FDA, DEA) want you to believe. This plant has allowed me to work many years longer than I would have. I suffer from fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, two back surgeries. I was in constant pain until I found kratom. Safer than rx pain medications and harrassment from the medical professionals as if you are a drug addict. Even though my tolerance never increased. This plant has saved my life!”

“Kratom saved my life. I had tried everything to get off heroin including maintenance drugs. Suboxone would help but then I was addicted to it. I used Kratom to detox then stopped taking it this safe plant saved my life without it I would be dead. It helps people with chronic pain get off opioids and has no potential to kill anybody. Banning this plant would kill thousands”

“As a chronic pain patient, who had experienced both chronic pain and opioid addiction after many years of being prescribed high potent medication…I lost my ability to live as a functioning member of society. Kratom has given me the ability; as a dietary supplement to live a better quality of life! I discovered kratom in 2013, and have consumed it daily for over three years, having better results than any conventional healthcare recommendation for my chronic health issues. I’ve been attending college for the last three years; something I’d never been able to do without kratom! I plead with each of you to follow the science and NOT FDA directives or any pharmaceutical company agenda that would rather see patients buying their potentially dangerous chemicals? As Americans, we deserve the right to natural botanical alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for your time! God bless!”

This is just a small sample of the comments made by Maryland Citizens in response to the proposed Kratom ban. Certainly, if the Kratom community comes together and simply tells the Maryland Senate their Kratom story, the Kratom ban will probably never happen. However, now is the time to act, and the well-being of millions of Maryland residents hangs in the balance.