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Massive Kratom Victory Part 1: The Department Of Health And Human Services Has Withdrawn It's Recommendation To The DEA That Kratom Be Declared A Schedule I Drug, And Has Officially Acknowledged That Banning Kratom Would Risk Public Health

***This article discusses the positive implications of the HHS’ withdrawal of its recommendation to the DEA to schedule Kratom. Notably, this withdrawal notice actually happened in 2018, and the FDA hid this fact for 2 years to mislead the public into thinking that Kratom should be an illegal drug. The FDA’s treachery will be discussed in part 2, which will be posted this weekend***

In a major Kratom victory, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the parent organization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has withdrawn its recommendation to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that Kratom be declared a Schedule I drug. The letter can be read at this link.

Notably, the HHS recommendation to the DEA that Kratom be declared a Schedule I drug had been in place since 2017, and it was one of the most critical risks to Kratom, since the DEA could have pulled the trigger to ban Kratom at any time. Indeed, it was recently announced that the DEA was considering banning Kratom.

Also, the fact that the HHS recommended that Kratom be a Schedule I illegal drug was a major cause of anti-Kratom sentiment, since Big Pharma and government regulators used it as proof that Kratom should be banned. This is especially true since the original HHS recommendation to ban Kratom, which can be read at this link, was filled with a plethora of misinformation which made Kratom seem deadly and dangerous.

Perhaps even more importantly, the HHS acknowledged that banning Kratom would cause a significant public health risk, since millions of Americans depend on Kratom, and banning Kratom would undoubtedly lead to widespread suffering, death, and relapse onto more dangerous drugs.

This is perhaps the first time in history that a government agency has acknowledged that banning Kratom would cause severe consequences for millions of Americans, and this is a complete reversal from the previous HHS stance that Kratom is dangerous and needs to be banned.

Essentially, instead of the previous government mantra that Kratom needs to be banned to save lives, it is now officially acknowledged that Kratom needs to stay legal to save lives. 

This Is A Big Victory, But The War Continues

All of the above being said, the fact that the HHS has withdrawn its recommendation that the DEA ban Kratom does not prevent Kratom from being banned by the DEA, nor does it prevent state and local governments from banning Kratom, so Kratom Warriors need to continue fighting as hard as possible to keep Kratom legal.

However, this victory goes a long way towards eliminating FDA misinformation, since now a government organization has officially recognized that banning Kratom would pose a serious public health risk. Presumably, this will make state, local, and federal regulators think twice before passing any Kratom bans, since now it has been officially acknowledged that Kratom bans have the potential to cause suffering and death.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article, which discusses how the FDA hid this information for 2 years, which is a violation of the FDA’s duty to protect the health of the American people, if not outright illegal.