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MIT 45 'Kratom Blend' Capsules Experience Report

MIT 45 Kratom Blend

It is early on Thursday morning, and I scoured my Kratom cabinet to find something special to take. I stumbled upon a pack of MIT 45 ‘Kratom Blend’ capsules. I’ve had this packet of capsules for literally months, and I figure now is the right time to take it.

Notably, this product contains no information whatsoever regarding serving size or alkaloid concentration, so it’s gonna be a real guessing-game to figure out how much of these I should take. Simultaneously however, it is somewhat exciting to take a Kratom product where I have no idea how strong the experience will be.

T + 0 (9 am) I take a couple of capsules, and it has a really strong flavor, indicating that this probably does contain a mix of Kratom leaf powder and Kratom extract.

T + 3 I decide to take 5 capsules total for now, and will leave the other 5 for later, just in case this product is very strong.

T + 8 I’m definitely feeling something. Light euphoria setting in, and my morning fatigue lifting away.

T + 22 Effects have intensified. Slight opioid warmth/analgesia, light euphoria, and a decent amount of energy. I might take the other 5 capsules soon.

T + 50 I powered through a big work assignment, so this Kratom is definitely giving me decent energy, since before I took it I was too groggy to do anything. That being said, I am not feeling much of a Kratom high, so I am taking the other 5 capsules now to gauge the full effects of this product.

As I take the other 5 capsules I notice they have a truly strange taste. It tastes Kratom-esque, but also a lot like chemicals, due to whatever extract they put in this.

T + 75 Feeling a strong Kratom high finally. Very good opioid analgesia, energy, and euphoria. Therefore, I think the serving size for this product is indeed all 10 capsules, at least for a long-term Kratom user like me.

T + 103 I did my morning prayer session and I’m feeling really good and ready for the day. I’m definitely happy with this Kratom experience.

T + 116 Feeling very energetic and euphoric, with a slight feeling of intoxication, which is characteristic of strong Kratom experiences. Also strong opioid warmth and analgesia.

T + 140 Strong effects continue. Finally eating some breakfast. Almost feel like I have to lay down, which is common during a strong Kratom experience.

Overall, this MIT 45 Kratom blend provided a solid Kratom experience, and it was very satisfying. That being said, it did require all 10 capsules to obtain a strong experience, and therefore this product is not much stronger than regular high quality Kratom powder. Also, this product is much more expensive than regular Kratom powder. All things considered, although I enjoyed this MIT 45 Kratom blend, I would definitely buy regular Kratom capsules instead since it’s much more affordable and provides roughly the same effects.