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New Scientific Study Finds That Kratom Has Very Strong Antioxidant Activity

A new scientific study was published this month titled ‘Characterization, Phytochemical Screenings and Antioxidant Activity Test of Kratom Leaf Ethanol Extract (Mitragyna speciosa Korth) Using DPPH Method‘, and it has found that Kratom is a very strong antioxidant.

This study conducted phytochemical screening of a Kratom extract and then used the DPPH trapping method, which is the most common way to assay antioxidant activity. Ultimately the study found that Kratom has an IC50 value of 38.56 micrograms/milliliter, with IC50 being the amount of material required to cause antioxidant activity. The lower the IC50 value the stronger the antioxidant, and very strong antioxidants have an IC50 value below 50 micrograms/milliliter.

Therefore, Kratom is well within the range of being a very strong antioxidant.

Generally people know that antioxidants are healthy, but here is some science which explains why. Oxidation is a process that constantly occurs in the body, and it causes free radicals to form, which are molecules that are highly reactive. Free radicals cause chain reactions which lead to cell damage and possibly disease, in addition to possibly being the primary causing of aging. Negative things attributed to free radicals are blindness, inflammation, damage to the brain which leads to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, increased risk of heart disease, and increased risk of cancer.

Antioxidants terminate the chain reactions from free radicals, preventing cell damage and protecting cells, and theoretically this should help to prevent the diseases mentioned above, and possibly even keep people younger.

Thus, Kratom is a very strong antioxidant, and may have numerous health benefits due to that, but more research needs to be done to confirm the antioxidant benefits of Kratom.